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Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) Diesel Engines

6ddba 01tdibluemotiontechnologytdienginestdidieselenginesturbochargeddirectinjection Economical Fuel Consumption cars and Technologies Latest Automobile Technology

Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) diesel engines are responsive and fun to drive, as well as being very efficient. They offer more power, with great fuel economy, which all helps to lower emissions. Why drive a TDI? You’ll enjoy the savings. Economical fuel consumption, long service and maintenance intervals, plus low emissions, all combine to keep costs low. You’ll love the

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Turbocharged Stratified Injection (TSI) Engines | TSI Technology

67031 01tdibluemotiontechnologytsienginesturbochargedtsienginetdidieselfsienginefuelstratifiedinjectio Ecofreindly cars Latest Automobile Technology

TSI technology offers you great performance with fuel economy and low emissions. TSI engines offer an enjoyable and involving drive, while cutting fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Because TSI engines are cleaner, you’ll also save on car tax. So they have a smaller impact on the environment, are kinder to your pocket – and, best of all, they’re great fun

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Blue Motion Technology | TDI Blue Motion Technologies

22b39 01tdibluemotiontechnologiesmodelswithbluemotiontechnology Blue Motion technology Latest Automobile Technology

Blue Motion is  a technology, which help you save fuel and money, without taking the fun out of driving.    Blue Motion Technologies represent the cleanest, most energy-efficient cars in our range. So when you see this logo you’ll know about ways to cut your emissions and driving costs. Efficiency starts at the very core of our cars with their

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Interior Farming | Interior Cultivation | Home Farming

1cb0e 01indoorhomefarmerairpurificationsystemindoorcultivationfreshairandlightproduction biosphere home farm system Mechanical Engineering

This Modern Decorative blends in beautifully with any interior and does a magnificent job of recycling wasted organic matter. A part of the waste is used for cultivating and maintaining a green patch and the rest is used to produce methane. Home / Restaurants dispose huge amount of organic waste. One part of the waste is recycled to grow food

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Latest Mechanical Updates

bac93 01 technical interview questions how to prepare for technical interview job interview getting a 4 bilateral tolerance Latest Interview Questions & Answers

What is the Material composition in IBR tubes? Carbon max………………… 0.10% Manganese max……………. 0.60% Nickel max…………………. 0.25% Sulphur max………………… 0.050% Phosphorus max…………….. 0.050% What is the difference between P11 & P22 pipes? P11 the chromium molybdenum composition that is 1% ofchromium and 1/4% of molybdenum P12 the chromium molybdenum composition that is 1% ofchromium and 2% of molybdenum 1st law

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Latest Mechanical Interview Questions & Answers | Thermal Interview Q & A | Automobile Interview Q & A

3eb1f 01 technical interview questions how to prepare for technical interview job interview getting a 2 Latest Interview questions in Automobile Latest Interview Questions & Answers

What happens if gasoline is used in a Diesel engine?Diesel engine will work ? No, It will not work,as the Compression ratio of Petrol engine is 6 to 10 & that of Diesel engine is 15 to 22. Thus on such high compression, gasoline gets highly compressed & it may blast. Which Mechanism is used in Automobile gearing system Differential

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Technical Interview Questions & Answers | Technical Interview Questions & Tips | Strength Of Materials Interview Questions

37bb1 01 technical interview questions how to prepare for technical interview job interview getting a bullet proof glass Latest Interview Questions & Answers

Which type of shaft is preferred for power transmission,solid or hollow one? Hollow shaft utilize material strength more efficiently, so hollow shaft used if you concerned about weight. But, when weight is not a concern, solid shaft is better (stronger, of course), easy to fabricate. Compared to the life of a spark plug of two stroke engine to the spark

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Portable Solar Power Plant, Water Purifier And Fuel Cell In One | Hydra Water Purifier

647de 01 solar hydrogen powered water purifier new hydra tranportable water purifier clean drinking water during natural disasters Latest Mechanical Seminar Topics

In many areas of the world, and also during times of natural disasters, clean drinking water and access to power are scarce.  The company The Essential Element has designed the Hydra water purifier and fuel cell to take care of both of those problems at once. The Hydra is equipped with a 2.88 kW solar panel array that runs a

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Floating Solar Power Plants | Floating Data Centers | Liquid Solar Arrays (LSA) | New Solar Technologies | Concentrated Photovoltaic Technology

82c73 01 sunengy new solar technology promises of cheaper energy liquid solar arrays floating solar pa Concentrated Photovoltaic Technology Latest Interview Questions & Answers

There’s a lot of surface area on this planet for solar panels. The ocean’s are a vast area to utilize this solar technology.  But,  the weather can make the installation and use of floating solar arrays difficult.  That’s not the case with LSAs (Liquid Solar Arrays) by Sunengy Pty LTD. The floating solar power units, called Liquid Solar Arrays (LSA),

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RTV Molding | Urethane Casting | Room Temperature Vulcanized

dc164 01 diffusion bonding diffusion welding process step 4 Carbon fiber Composites

What Is a Composite Part?     A part that combines a resin and reinforcing strands can properly be referred to as a composite.  This includes what is commonly referred to as fiberglass (technically, it should be called fiberglass reinforced plastic), but there are many other materials that are used in composite parts.  To achieve desired properties in composites, the

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