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Super Charger | Super Chargers for Car or Truck | Introduction to Supercharger

c32b0 2011mustangsupercharger heat exchangers Automobile Engineering

Engines combust (burn) fuel and use the energy of that combustion to do work. The more fuel that is combusted in any given time then the more energy is available to carry out the engines task. Fuel requires air (or the oxygen contained within air) to burn so if there isn’t enough air mixed with the fuel it will not

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Turbo-Charger | What Is Turbo Charger | Super Charger | Functions Of Turbo Charger | Turbo Charger Parts

862a8 01twinturbosuperchargerandturbo Compressed Air Automobile Engineering

A turbocharger is actually a type of supercharger. Originally, the turbocharger was called a “turbo super charger.” Obviously, the name was shortened out of convenience. A turbocharger’s purpose is to compress the oxygen entering a car’s engine, increasing the amount of oxygen that enters and thereby increasing the power output. Unlike the belt-driven supercharger that is normally thought of when

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Variable Turbo Chargers Geometry (VTG)

23b24 01variableturbinegeometryturbochargervtgsequence aerodynamically shaped vanes Automobile Engineering

Variable geometry turbochargers (VGTs) are a family of turbochargers, usually designed to allow the effective aspect ratio (sometimes called A/R Ratio) of the turbo to be altered as conditions change. This is done because optimum aspect ratio at low engine speeds is very different from that at high engine speeds. If the aspect ratio is too large, the turbo will

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What Is Rapid Prototyping

204dc 01solidmodel3dcadmodelpics 3D Cad Model Rapid Prototyping

How does Rapid Prototyping Work? Rapid prototyping is a technology that takes a three-dimensional computer model and builds a three dimensional part by building layers upon layer of material. Its speed and low cost allow design teams to confirm their new designs early and frequently in the process. Step 1 Start with a 3 dimension computer model. Typically created in

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Prototype Advantages and Disadvantages

24a61 01prototypesmithparadisebirdburlesque 3d printing and rapid prototyping Rapid Prototyping Rapid Prototype Manufacturing

Rapid prototype is a process wherein a working model or prototype is developed for the purpose of testing the various product features like design, ideas, features, functionality, performance and output. This process of development of working model is quite quick. The user can give an early feedback regarding the prototype. Rapid prototyping is, generally, a significant and essential part of

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Rapid Prototyping Technologies And It’s Applications

39e62 01prototype3dmodelscooter 3DP Rapid Prototyping

The technology used in rapid prototyping printers for producing 3D models is computer assisted design (CAD) software such as Pro-e, Auto CAD, Solid-works, and etc,  which directs hardware to precise specifications to produce three dimensional models. The efficiency of rapid prototyping to produce models for various companies and allow design changes to be made quickly and easily has found this

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Rapid Prototyping / History / Prototyping Technologies

de87b 03additivemanufacturingdepositionprototyping 3D printing Rapid Prototyping

History of Rapid Prototyping Rapid prototyping is quite a recent invention. The first machine of rapid prototyping hit the markets in the late 1980s. The early rapid prototyping process derived its name from the activities and the purpose for which the earlier machines were utilized. What is Rapid Prototyping? Rapid prototyping refers to physical objects that are automatically constructed with

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Electron Beam Melting

8cd6e 03ebmelectronbeammeltingrapidprototypingweldingworkingmodel Beam of Electron in High Vacuum Rapid Prototyping

Electron Beam Melting: EBM (Electron Beam Melting) can be described as the ‘rapid prototyping’ for metals. It is better known as ‘rapid manufacturing’ method. The parts are manufactured by having the metal powder melted layer by layer through a beam of electron in high vacuum. The parts produced acquire strength, solidity, and are void-free as well. The electrons have a

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Introduction To Additive Fabrication

0f9d1 01additivemanufacturingrapidprototypinglayerbylayerflow Addictive fabrication Rapid Prototyping

Additive fabrication refers to a class of manufacturing processes, in which a part is built by adding layers of material upon one another. These processes are inherently different from subtractive processes or consolidation processes. Subtractive processes, such as milling, turning, or drilling, use carefully planned tool movements to cut away material from a work piece to form the desired part.

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Prototype Your Invention Idea | Prototyping | Rapid prototyping

2a1e3 3D Cad Model Rapid Prototyping

  It’s time for your Prototype! The Development phase is exciting, but nothing compares to the feeling of holding a working model of your product idea in your hands. Prototyping is a key phase of product design where the 3D CAD file(s) is converted to an accurate solid part that will be used for fit, function, testing, and marketing. I

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