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Turbo-jet engines | Jet Propulsion System

8022f 01 turbo jet engine jet propulsion system advantages of turbo-jet engine Jet propulsion Turbo jet engines

Jet propulsion Jet propulsion is based on newton’s second law and third law of motion. Newton’s second law states that the rate of change of momentum in any direction is proportional to the force acting in that direction. Newton’s third law of motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Turbo-jet engine a type of

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Gear Generating Process | Methods Used to Generate a Spur Gear

d0f64 01 gear shaping method of gear manufacturing Gear Generating Process Manufacturing Engineering gear generating process

Gear generating process This method of gear manufacturing is based on the fact that any two involute gears of the same module will mesh together. In this one of the meshing gears is made as the cutter. The other gear rotates and also reciprocates along the width of the gear blank. Because of the relative rolling motion of the cutter

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Slotting Machine | Mechanism of Feeding in a Slotter

7b93f 01 slotting machine slotter automatic feeding mechanism in a slotting machine Manufacturing Engineering Slotting machine

Slotter         Slotter is a type of reciprocating machine. The tool is held in the ram reciprocates vertically and the work piece is held on the table. The slotter has a base upon which the column is being integrated. The column houses the driving mechanism for the ram. The top portion of the ram has the guide ways. With the

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Electrical Discharge Machining | Non-Conventional Machining Process

057df 01 electric discharge machining unconventional machining process advantages of EDM Unconventional Machining Process electrical discharge machining

Non-conventional machining process In recent years many new materials have been developed. These include titanium alloys, hast alloys, nimonic alloys etc. these materials cannot be machined accurately with the help of conventional machining process so a different method of machining has to adopted. These new method of machining is called as non-conventional type or unconventional machining process. This type of

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Wet Sump Lubrication System | Types of Wet Sump Lubrication System

c3b63 01 splash system lubrication wet sump lubrication Full pressure system Automobile Engineering Wet sump lubrication

Wet sump lubrication system This system consists of a large storing capacity of oil at base of the crank chamber. From the sump the oil is drawn by the pump and applied to various parts of the engine. Excess oil after serving the purpose will gradually return to the sump. Splash type lubrication This type of lubrication is generally used

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Rough Grinding Machines | Types of Rough Grinders

Rough grinding machine Rough grinding machines are generally used to remove a large amount of material from the work this type of grinding the surface finish is not good rough grinding are generally used to remove the sprue from the casting product, to grind the projections, to surface the weldments and sharpening the hand tools. Floor stand grinder Floor

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Types of Accumulator | Weight, Spring, Gas Loaded Accumulator

60794 01 weight loaded accumulator type of accumulator gas loaded accumulator Hydraulics and pneumatics weight spring gas loaded accumulator

Types of accumulator Weight loaded accumulator It consists of a piston which is loaded with a dead weight and moving within a cylinder this tends to exert pressure on the hydraulic fluid. Potential energy to compress the fluid is generated by the dead weight present on the piston. Concrete block, iron or steel is generally used as dead weight. The

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Engine Bearing | Structure of Engine Bearing

fa945 01 bearings present in engine types of bearings bearings Automobile Engineering automobile bearings

Engine bearing          The crankshaft if supported by bearing. The connecting rod big end is joined to be crank pin on the crank of the crankshaft through a bearing. A piston pin at the rod small end is accustomed attaching the rod to the piston. The piston pin drives in bearings. Everywhere there is rotating action in the engine, bearings

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Milling Operations | Functions Performed By a Milling Machine

c359a 01 milling machine horizontal milling machine angular milling Manufacturing Engineering milling operations

Milling Machine          Milling is the process of removing metal by feeding the work past against a rotating multipoint cutter. The metal is removed in the form of small chips. In milling operation the ratio of metal removal is rapid as the cutter rotates at a high speed and has many cutting edges thus the jobs are machined at a

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