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Steering Systems | Hydraulic Power Steering Systems | Steering Wheel Parts

711c9 01 steering systems steering wheel parts rack and pinion steering systems electric power steering Latest Automobile Technology Steering Systems

STEERING The steering system in a vehicle is used to move the vehicle in a particular direction. This is a very important sub-system in a car without which it would be impossible for a vehicle to follow its desired path. The steering system can be used to steer all kinds of vehicles like cars, trucks, buses, trains, tanks etc. The

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How LASER Beam Welding Works | LASER Beam Welding Process

14c8f 01 laser technology ruby laser rod how laser beam welding works Laser Machining LASER Beam Welding

Laser Beam Welding setup: Laser beam welding is a welding process that uses a laser beam to melt and vaporize material. A ruby laser rod is used for machining process. Here the lasing material is in the form of a solid ruby rod (doped with chromium) with the end faces made parallel to each other within (1 / 20) of

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History Of Laser Welding | Laser Light Beam

ae31f 01 laser history co2 laser Laser Machining LASER welding

Laser History: The principle of stimulated emission and the quantum-mechanical fundamentals have been presented by Einstein in the year 1917. After the stimulated emission theory, realization of MASER (Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) by Towens of Columbia University and Prokhorov and Basov of Moscow University combine receive the noble prize in the field of MASER’s in the period

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LASER Technology | Properties Of A LASER Beam

4944e 01 laser beam xenon flash tube1 green laser Laser Machining LASER technology

LASER Beam Properties: Laser is a powerful source of light having extraordinary properties which aren’t found within the traditional light sources like incandescent lamps, mercury vapour lamps, etc. the unique property of laser is that its light waves travel to a terrible distances with little or no divergence. Just in case of a standard source of light, the light is

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LASER Beam Welding | LASER Cutting System

63080 01 laser beam machining process laser beam machine Laser Machining LASER Beam Welding Cutting

Laser Beam Welding: Definition: Laser beam welding is a welding process that uses a laser beam to melt and vaporizes a material. LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) beams are very high energy density electromagnetic beams which are highly coherent, monochromic and unidirectional. Power of LASER: For example, a LASER can give a power output of nearly 100

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Pressure Thermite Welding | Thermite Welding Process

b2836 01 pressure thermite welding Pressure Thermite Welding Manufacturing Engineering Pressure Thermite Welding

Pressure Thermit Welding: Pressure thermit welding is a process in which the heat produced by the thermit reaction is utilized only for heating the ends of the pieces to be joined, while the actual joint formation occurs by solid pressure welding. History of Thermit welding: In 1893 Hans Goldschmidt of Germany began to experiment with Alumino-thermic reactions. They are highly

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CAD Welding | CADWELL Thermite Welding | Exothermic Welding

7a576 01 cadwell thermit welding process CAD Welding Manufacturing Engineering CAD Welding

Cad welding / Cadwell thermit welding process: Cad welding or Cadwell Welding process is a modification of the simple thermit welding process (exothermic welding process) in which controlled reduction of copper oxide and aluminium is used to produce molten copper and aluminium oxide slag. Exothermic is a chemical term describing a chemical reaction which gives off heat as the reaction

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Thermit Process | Thermit Welding Materials | Application Of Thermit Welding

ff17d 01 thermit welding materials thermite nickel thermite powder application of thermit welding Manufacturing Engineering Thermit Welding

Thermit Welding Thermit welding is a fusion welding process that makes use of the intense heat produced when a mixture containing iron oxide and powdered aluminium is ignited. The reaction is based on the high affinity of aluminium is ignited. It reduces iron oxide to thermit steel and slag, like this 8Al + 3Fe3O4 – -> 9Fe + 4Al2O3 (Slag)

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Thermit Welding | Rail Alumino–Thermic Welding | Thermite Welding Procedure

04fb3 01 thermit welding rail aluminothermic welding Aluminium thermite Manufacturing Engineering Rail Thermit Welding

Thermit welding steps: Various steps involved in the non pressure fusion thermit welding of metal parts is explained below. The mold is non-repetitive in nature and is used for repair welds. 1. Clean the joint: An oxy-acetylene torch may be used to clean the metal surfaces by heating. During cleaning all dirt, grease, loose oxides, scale etc., must be removed.

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Plasma Arc Welding | PAW Process |Transferred Plasma Arc Welding

f4c47 01 plasma arc welding plasma arc cutting process gas used in plasma arc welding Manufacturing Engineering Plasma Arc Welding

Plasma Arc Welding: Plasma is the name given to a high temperature stream of partially ionized gas flowing at near sonic velocity. It is a mixture of neutral atoms, free electrons that have disassociated from the gas atoms and positively charged gas ions. Plasma arc welding is an arc welding process wherein coalescence is produced by the heat obtained from

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