AutoCAD 2007 Free Exercises Download | AutoCAD 2010 Free Exercises Download | AutoCAD Training Tutorials Lesson

AutoCAD 2007 Free Exercises Download, AutoCAD 2010 Free Exercises Download.

This site provides great tutorials / lessons for the student of AutoCAD. These lessons are designed to be as compatible with as many versions of AutoCAD as possible. They are based on AutoCAD 2010, but can be easily adapted to other versions. For better understanding of CAD use this complete post.

CAD Exercise 1:


CAD Exercise 2:


CAD Exercise 3:


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  • Good Site with useful assignments

  • At the ‘CAD Exercise 2:’ the 1st figure is lacking some measurements like the outer circle there’s no radius or diameter indicated on it.. I hope you will complete the measurement indicated..

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