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CAD Mechanical Drawings Associated with the Design Process | CAD Outsourcing

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As a CAD specialist you need to develop standard mechanical engineering drawings such that it can be easily interpreted by the mechanical engineer. Before you start working on mechanical drawings, you must know how to use common mechanical symbols correctly. You have to take special care while relating various mechanical components design drawings to the overall plan of the assembly.

The most important types of CAD mechanical drawings associated with the design process are:

1. General Arrangement drawings
2. Detail drawings
3. Fabrication drawings
4. Assembly drawings

General Arrangement Drawings:

This kind of engineering drawing provides complete information required to generate layout, transportation and installation drawings for the mechanical component. It also includes a list of arrangement drawings which contains all the dimensions, equipment weight, installation details & service delivery details.

Detail Drawings:

01-Detail Drawing-surface texture, geometry, material, size - geometric tolerances

All individual members of mechanical equipment need to be depicted in detail to make sure that they are fabricated in accordance with the design requirements, standards and codes. These drawings contain surface texture, geometry, material, size & geometric tolerances etc. The detail drawing also contains all the necessary information required for procurement, manufacturing and regulatory compliance.

Fabrication Drawings:

Fabrication drawings are virtual assembly drawing which includes a list of parts and materials used to for fabrication. The fabrication drawing sometimes also includes referenced documents for heat treatment and stress relieving requirements, geometric tolerances and final machining details.

Assembly Drawings:

Assembly drawings contains drawings of discrete sub-systems, assembly details of how the components, gearbox drawings, roller drawings and guard system drawings. It will include parts list identifying all of the member details with materials, quantities and supply details.

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