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A torsion bar is a type of suspension system in an automobile is usually used in vehicles such as cars, trucks and vans.They keep the tires in contact with the surface of the road, upkeep the weight of a vehicle and absorb the forces produced by the movement and motion of the vehicle

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air suspension system in an automobile | components of an air suspension system in an automobile | working of an air suspension system

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What is an air suspension? Air suspension is used to support the vehicle on the axles with an organization of air bags instead of steel spring, leaf or torsion or some coil springs. The air bags are also stated to as bellows. Suspensions with steel or torsion spring and added by the use of air bags are not considered as

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Spring Suspension System in Automobile | Leaf Spring Suspension System | Leaf, Coil and Torsion Springs in Suspension System

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INTRODUCTION TO LEAF SPRINGS Leaf springs also denoted to as semi-elliptical springs are one of the ancient form of suspension used in vehicles, particularly heavy vehicles. A leaf spring appears like a bow minus the string. It contains of a stack of curved narrow plates of the same width and varied length clamped together with shorter plates at the center

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Suspension System of an Automobile | Needs of Suspension System in an Automobile | Broad Classification of suspension system of a vehicle

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Introduction For several years vehicle dynamics engineers have struggled to accomplish a compromise between vehicle handling, ride comfort and stability. The outcomes of this are vibrant in the vehicles we see today. In common, at one extreme are large sedan and luxury cars with excellent ride qualities but only satisfactory handling behavior. On the last end of the spectrum are

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