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SolidWorks COSMOS: SOLIDWORKS COSMOS Works provides simple, accurate design analysis that leads to better products by giving designers a safety net for catching errors. Designers are free to innovate, secure in the knowledge that they won’t pass costly mistakes down the line. SOLIDWORKS COSMOS Analysis: Simulation solutions for SOLIDWORKS provide an easy-to-use portfolio of analysis…

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SolidWorks COSMOS Works SolidWorks COSMOS Works enables faster, less costly, and more optimized product development, as well as more in-depth examination of product performance than would ever be possible using even the most detailed prototypes. More than 16,000 companies in a wide array of industries currently use COSMOS to improve design quality, avoid field failures,…

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Types of Finite Element Analysis What are the different types of Finite Element Analysis? What is Finite Element analysis? How is Finite Element Analysis (FEA) used in Industry? Engineering frequency and buckling Calculations. Linear Static Analysis. Modal Analysis. Thermal Engineering Analysis. Fluid Dynamic Calculations etc., Linear Static Stress Analysis – Types of finite element analysis…


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Why SOLIDWORKS COSMOS? COSMOSWorks is a SolidWorks-integrated design analysis optimization programme. The Finite Element Method ( FEM) is the programme for simulating and forecasting the operating conditions of your ideas. The solution of vast systems of equations is needed for FEM. COSMOSWorks, which is powered by fast solvers, allows designers to easily verify the integrity…

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SolidWorks COSMOS Applications in Aerospace and Automotive Industries SolidWorks COSMOS has been used in the aerospace industry for wide ranging applications involving kinematic analysis, Finite element analysis and Fluid flow computation. Some of the Solidworks COSMOS Applications capabilities include: Shock and vibration calculations Durability and Fatigue Life Estimation Modal Analysis and Frequency response calculations Weight…