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SolidWorks COSMOS Use | SolidWorks COSMOS Analysis | Plastics Application | Elastomer Application | Metal-Forming Applications

Plastics Application: Household appliances, medical devices, electrical fittings among others incorporate numerous plastic product designs that need critical design validation to meet functional requirements. COSMOS finds extensive use in validating plastic product designs for functional efficiency and optimal usage of materials. Capabilities of COSMOS include: Snap-fit simulation for stresses and deflections Limit load analysis of critical load bearing components Strength

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SolidWorks COSMOS 2011 | SolidWorks COSMOS Works | Machine Design Applications | Material Handling Equipment Applications

Machine Design Applications: COSMOS is the most popular validation software among machine designers involved in design and development of ingenuous systems performing complex functions. When feasibility, efficiency and reliability challenges require to be addressed. COSMOS has always delivered without any compromise on cost and functionality. A partial list of COSMOS usage in the machine building industry are provided as under:

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Types Of Finite Element Analysis | Finite Element Analysis Capabilities | Finite Element Analysis Engineering Services

Linear Static Stress Analysis Factor of Safety Calculation Part & Assembly Stress Analysis Deflection Calculations Correlation to Measurements of Deflections and Strains Contact Stress Computation Super-position of Thermal Stresses Stiffness Calculations to achieve stated Targets Frequency & Buckling Analysis Computation of Frequencies & Mode Shapes Modal Assurance Criteria (MAC) Correlation to Measured data Buckling Calculations for axially loaded members Critical

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SolidWorks COSMOS FEA | Power Applications | Electronics Application | Process Application

Power Application: COSMOS has been widely used in the power industry to study efficiency of sub systems involved in power generation. Combination of what if scenarios can be studied with ease to understand system response and enhance reliability. Following Functionalities have been benefited the Power sector immensely: Remaining Life Analysis of Static and Rotating components such as turbine parts Heat

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SolidWorks COSMOS Applications | COSMOS Works Aerospace Applications | COSMOS Works Automotive Applications

Aerospace Application:   SolidWorks COSMOS has been used in the aerospace industry for wide ranging applications involving kinematic analysis, Finite element analysis and Fluid flow computation. Some of the capabilities include: Shock and vibration calculations Durability and Fatigue Life Estimation Modal Analysis and Frequency response calculations Weight Reduction and Shape Optimization Force estimations in actuators, mechanisms and complex mechanical devices

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Finite Element Analysis | FEA

In this article Introduction to Finite Element Analysis is discussed. FEA is a computerized method for analysis / simulation for the engineering structures or Components. They are widely used in Automotive and various fields to replace the experimental design / testing. Finite Elements in Analysis and Design Finite Element Analysis is a way to simulate loading conditions on a design

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