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CNC Coordinate System | Cartesian Coordinate System

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CNC machines Axis: The real parts of a CNC program involves the input of co-ordinates of the tool endpoint to produce any machining profile, subsequently it is necessary to follow a proper co-ordinate system. Cartesian Co-ordinate System: All the machine tools make use of the Cartesian coordinate system for the purpose of simplicity. The guiding coordinate system followed for assigning

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Numerical Control Making A New Technology | Why Computers Are Involved In Numerical Control

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Why Computers are involved in NC One method, which is quite elaborate, for translating and storing in-formation on a tape is as follows. Using a special language, which consists of numbers and a limited number of words having no more than six letters, the person doing the programming writes the instructions for a complete cycle. These instructions in the special

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Numerical Control Machine | Types of Control System In Numerical Control

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TYPES OF CONTROL FOR MACHINES Three types of control are used for the operation of machines. 1. The first and simplest type of control is to station one or more workers at a machine to observe the production and activate the controls as needed. 2. The second type of control is to assist the human being by arranging the machine

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CNC Machine Tools | Automatic Tool Changers | Multi Pallet Machines

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TOOLING FOR CNC MACHINES The special design features of CNC machines have resulted in use of higher cutting speeds and feeds, leading to considerable saving in the cycle time. To fully exploit the higher metal removal rates of the CNC machines, the tooling used should be able to withstand the higher cutting forces in the process and help to reduce

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