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Factor of Safety, FOS

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It is common practice to size the machine elements, so that the maximum design stress is below the UTS (Ultimate Tensile Stress) or yield stress by an appropriate factor – the Factor of Safety, based on UTS(Ultimate Tensile Stress) or Yield Strength. The factor of safety also known as Safety Factor, is used to provide a design margin over the

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Poisson’s Ratio | Basics Of Mechanical Engineering

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When an element is stretched in one direction, it tends to get thinner in the other two directions. Hence, the change in longitudinal and lateral strains are opposite in nature (generally). Poisson’s ratio ν, named after Simeon Poisson, is a measure of this tendency. It is defined as the ratio of the contraction strain normal to the applied load divided

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Finite Element Analysis | FEA | List Of FEA Software’s | List of Open Source Software’s | List Of Commercial Software’s

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Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a computer simulation technique used in engineering analysis. It uses a numerical technique called the finite element method (FEM). In this, the object or system is represented by a geometrically similar model consisting of multiple, linked, simplified representations of discrete regions — finite elements. Equations of equilibrium, in conjunction with applicable physical considerations such as

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ANSYS Mechanical Workbench | ANSYS Designspace | FEA Software | Mechanical Engineering Software

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ANSYS Mechanical Workbench | ANSYS Design Space Design Modeler (DM) is a component of ANSYS workbench. A cad like parametric modeler with analysis modeling goals: 2D, 3D, Line and Surface modeling capability Performs unique geometry modification capabilities for simulation such as Feature simplification Spot welds Split surfaces Surface Model Extraction Planer Body Extraction Beam Modeling Enclosure Operation The topmost tabs

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Types of Simulation Models | Different Types of Analysis | FEA Simulation

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FEA Simulation In this article different types of analysis in simulation models are briefly explained. Some of the modules comprised are structural, thermal, CFX, and FE Modeler analysis types are explained here. Originally FEA is developed for 2D type simulation and analysis (Plane stress). When 3D simulation and analysis introduced, which increases number of simultaneous algebraic equation to solve the

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Finite Element Analysis | FEA

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In this article Introduction to Finite Element Analysis is discussed. FEA is a computerized method for analysis / simulation for the engineering structures or Components. They are widely used in Automotive and various fields to replace the experimental design / testing. Finite Elements in Analysis and Design Finite Element Analysis is a way to simulate loading conditions on a design

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