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Thermit Welding Process | Laser Beam Welding Process

a5b78 01 thermit welding types of welding process Laser Machining Laser Machining thermit welding process

THERMIT WELDING Welding the parts by using liquid Thermit steel around the portion to be welded is called Thermit welding. this is a type of fusion welding process. In this process, neither arc is produced to heat parts nor flames are used. high temperature is being obtained by the usage of the exothermic reaction. Welding principle is the heat of

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Plasma Arc Machining | Laser Beam Machining

424c7 01 plasma arc machining unconventional machining procss Laser Machining Laser Machining Plasma arc machining

Plasma arc machining When a free flowing gas is heated to a very high temperature it becomes partially ionized. This ionized gas is called as plasma. In this process metal is removed from the surface of the work piece with the help of high temperature plasma. Metal is also moved as a result of electron bombardment. This plasma arc machining

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Application of Laser in Mechanical Engineering | Laser Heat Treatment Process | Laser Metal Cutting and Joining Process

fb848 01 laser surface alloying use of laser in mechanical Laser Machining Laser Machining Application of LASER

      Process involving heating and cooling under the controlled conditions of a material to obtain certain desirable properties is known as heat treatment. 1. Laser surface alloying        The different types of heat treatment process using laser are shown in the picture. In the process of annealing there is no zone affected by the heat and melting takes place only

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How LASER Beam Welding Works | LASER Beam Welding Process

14c8f 01 laser technology ruby laser rod Laser Machining Laser Machining LASER Beam Welding

Laser Beam Welding setup: Laser beam welding is a welding process that uses a laser beam to melt and vaporize material. A ruby laser rod is used for machining process. Here the lasing material is in the form of a solid ruby rod (doped with chromium) with the end faces made parallel to each other within (1 / 20) of

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History Of Laser Welding | Laser Light Beam

ae31f 01 laser history Laser Machining Laser Machining LASER welding

Laser History: The principle of stimulated emission and the quantum-mechanical fundamentals have been presented by Einstein in the year 1917. After the stimulated emission theory, realization of MASER (Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) by Towens of Columbia University and Prokhorov and Basov of Moscow University combine receive the noble prize in the field of MASER’s in the period

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LASER Technology | Properties Of A LASER Beam

4944e 01 laser beam xenon flash tube1 Laser Machining Laser Machining LASER technology

LASER Beam Properties: Laser is a powerful source of light having extraordinary properties which aren’t found within the traditional light sources like incandescent lamps, mercury vapour lamps, etc. the unique property of laser is that its light waves travel to a terrible distances with little or no divergence. Just in case of a standard source of light, the light is

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LASER Beam Welding | LASER Cutting System

63080 01 laser beam machining process Laser Machining Laser Machining LASER Beam Welding Cutting

Laser Beam Welding: Definition: Laser beam welding is a welding process that uses a laser beam to melt and vaporizes a material. LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) beams are very high energy density electromagnetic beams which are highly coherent, monochromic and unidirectional. Power of LASER: For example, a LASER can give a power output of nearly 100

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