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Magic Trackpad | Mac Book Pro 2018 Force Touch Trackpad

Taptic Engine In older days tiny joysticks are used in Laptop’s which are replaced by touch pad’s. Later touch pad’s with the function of separate mouse buttons feel immense. Already the latest gadgets have multiple fingers at once, Pinch to zoom and scrolling with two fingers. Latest technology adapted to the Apple’s watch, Macbook Pro and Iphone 7 are Apple’s

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Idling Devices of Automobile | Idling Devices in Carburetor | Anti-Dieseling Device

Idling devices in carburetor During idling, the throttle plate is almost in the closed position. Then the mass rate of air flow through the venture is small. Hence, the vacuum or depression produced at the venture is also small. With this small depression, no fuel can issue from the fuel orifice. Hence, an idling device is incorporated in the carburetor

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Choking Device | Functions of Choking Device

Choking device Starting an engine in cold weather is somewhat difficult. Choking device makes engine starting easier. The choke valve is butterfly valve, similar to the throttle valve. This valve is situated between the air intake and the venture. At the time of starting, the choke valve is turned to close almost the inlet passage. This is called choking. Then,

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Antilock or Antiskid Device | Anti-lock Breaking System

Antilock or antiskid device The vehicle will stop more quickly if the brakes are applied just hard enough to get maximum static friction between the tyres and road. If the brakes are applied harder than this then the wheels will lock, the tyres will skid or slide on the road and a lesser kinetic friction will result. Then braking the

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Power Steering | Electronic Power Steering

Power steering In heavy duty (dump) trucks and power tractors the effort applied by the driver is inadequate to turn the wheels. In this case a booster arrangement is incorporated in the steering system. The booster is set into operation when the steering wheel is turned. The booster then takes over and does most of the work for steering. This

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Automatic Transmission | Components of the Automatic Transmission System

Automatic transmission There are two types of automatic transmission (gear box), namely, semi-automatic transmission and transmission and fully automatic transmission. These are distinguished according to their effect on vehicle handling dynamics. Semi-automatic transmissions are the gear boxes on which all operations normally performed by the driver when changing gear are carried out by electronically controlled actuator systems. This implies that

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