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Interview Questions On Steam Turbines | Interview Questions In Thermal Engineering | Interview Questions And Answers In Gas Dynamics And Jet Propulsion

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Interview Questions in Thermal Engineering Series of questionnaires and answers for Mechanical and chemical engineering students on thermal engineering. Heat transfer, thermodynamics, energy conversion and heat wave solutions are all about thermal engineering. Mechanical engineers and chemical engineers might have been engaged in thermal engineering. A mechanical engineer ‘s job is to have solid academic knowledge through hard work, strong

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Question And Answer For Steam Turbine | Question And Answer On Steam Boiler | Interview Questions On Steam Turbine

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Question And Answer For Steam Turbine | Interview Questions in Steam Turbines Steam Turbine has been a device that derives thermal energy from the pressurised steam, which is used to carry out rotation work on a revolving drive shaft. The generator rotates and produces energy as the steam engine rotates. It is ideal for running a generator electrically. The thermal

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Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles | Hydraulic Engines | Hydraulic Hybrid Technology | Hydraulic Hybrid System For Four Wheeler | Series And Parallel Hydraulic Hybrid Power Train

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Introduction To Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles: Hydraulic Hybrid vehicles use two sources of power to drive the wheels. In a hydraulic hybrid vehicle (HHV) a regular internal combustion engine and a hydraulic motor are used to power the wheels. Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles system consist of two key components: High pressure hydraulic fluid vessels called accumulators, and Hydraulic drive pump/motors. Working of

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Graphene | Graphene Technology | Graphene The Material Of The Future | Graphene Review | Graphene Properties | Graphene Production

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       The graphene is a substance which has a single-layer crystal lattice of carbon atoms, which is unusual since it is different from all of the materials of its kind. Several researchers have identified a way of making this substance, which allows them to use it in various fields and especially for the high-speed electronic devices. Graphene Definition: Graphene is

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Question And Answer For Interview | Question And Answer For Steam Turbine | Interview Questions On Fluid Mechanics

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What is important to remember about radial bearings? A turbine rotor is supported by two radial bearings, one on each end of the steam cylinder. These bearings must be accurately aligned to maintain the close clearance between the shaft and the shaft seals, and between the rotor and the casing. If excessive bearing wear lowers the he rotor, great harm

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Fluid Mechanics Question And Answers | Fluid Mechanics Internship | Interview Question For Fresher’s | Interview Question For Fluid Mechanics

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What is a radial-flow turbine? In a radial-flow turbine, steam flows outward from the shaft to the casing. The unit is usually a reaction unit, having both fixed and moving blades. What are four types of turbine seals? Carbon rings fitted in segments around the shaft and held together by garter or retainer springs. Labyrinth mated with shaft serration’s or

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Interview Questions In Boiler | Placement Questions In Mechanical Engineering | Placement Papers With Answers

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What is the differences between gas turbine and a steam turbine? Gas turbine works on Bryton cycle where as steam turbine works Rankine cycle. Construction, operation of a gas turbine are entirely different to steam turbine. Gas turbine has a compressor to compress the combustion air, a combustion chamber to burn the fuel and a turbine section to extract the

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Artificial Photosynthesis | Artificial Photosynthesis To Create Clean Fuel | Artificial Photosynthesis Solar To Fuel | Artificial Photosynthesis Process

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Artificial photosynthesis is one of the newer ways researchers are exploring to capture the energy of sunlight reaching earth.      Photosynthesis: Photosynthesis is the conversion of sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water into usable fuel and it is typically discussed in relation to plants where the fuel is carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Using only 3 percent of the sunlight that reaches

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Manufacturing Engineering Interview Questions And Answers | Placement Questions In Manufacturing Engineering | Placement Paper Pattern In Manufacturing

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What is OEE? OEE means Overall Equipment Effectiveness. This terminology widely used in Total productive maintenance, which is used to calculate the effectiveness of machines in manufacturing. Basically it captures the losses of machines in production and try to improve defects on machines. Higher the OEE, more capable is the machine. In automobile vehicle, power is transmitted from the gear

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Metallurgy Interview Questions And Answers | Metallurgy Interview Questions | Metallurgy Interview

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What is the composition of Grey cast iron Grade 20? Carbon      : 3.10 – 3.25%         Silicon : 1.75-1.95%    Manganese : 0.50 – 0.7%Sulphur : 0.05 – 0.07%       Phosporous : 0.04 – 0.07% What is the composition of Cast iron Grade 35? Carbon=2.90-3.10%Manganese=0.60-1.00%Silicon=1.50-1.90%Sulphur=0.10% Phosphorus=0.15%  Chromium=0.30%        Molybdenum=0.30%   Cupper=0.25% What are the super alloys? Super alloys is an alloy that exhibits excellent mechanical

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