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Mechanical Engineering Multiple Choice Questions | Mechanical Objective Questions And Answers Pdf

1. Pick up the wrong statement? A refrigent should have a. Low specific heat of liquid b. High boiling point c. High latent heat of vaporization d. Higher critical temperature e. Low specific volume of vapour   Answer: High boiling point 2. The property of a material which enable it to resist fracture due to high impact loads is known

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Mechanical Objective Questions | Mechanical Engineering Objective Type

1. The purpose of jigs and fixtures are to a. Increased production rate b. Increased machining accuracy c. Facilitate interchangeable manufacturing d. Enable employ less skilled operators e. All of the above   Answer: All of the above 2. Which one of the following methods produces gear by generating process a. Hobbing b. Casting c. Punching d. Milling e. Broaching

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Mechanical Engineering Objective Type Question And Answers | Objective Mechanical

1. Which is false statement about case hardening? Case hardening is done by a. Electroplating b. Cyaniding c. Induction hardening d. Nitriding e. Flame hardening   Answer: Electroplating 2. Gun metal contains a. 70% copper and 30% zinc b. 90% copper and 10% tin c. 85-92% copper and rest tin with little lead and nickel d. 70-78% copper and rest

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Mechanical Engineering Objective | Mechanical Engineering Online Test

1. The impact strength of an material is an index of its a. Toughness b. Tensile strength c. Capability of being cold worked d. Hardness e. Fatigue strength Answer: Toughness   2. If a material expands freely due to heating, it will develop a. Thermal stress b. Tensile stress c. Bending d. Compressive stress e. No stress Answer: No stress

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Mechanical Objective Questions | Mechanical Objective Type

  1. Which of the following variable controls the physical properties of a perfect gas? a. Pressure b. Temperature c. Volume d. Atomic mass e. All of the above Answer: All of the above   2. If heat be exchanged in reversible manner, which of the following property of the working substance will change accordingly a. Temperature b. Enthalpy c.

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Interview Questions On Fluid Mechanics | Mechanical Engineering Basics

1. How Cavitation can be eliminated in a Pump? Cavitation means bubbles are forming in the liquid. · To avoid Cavitation, we have to increase the Pump size to One or Two Inch; · To increase the pressure of the Suction Head, or · Decrease the Pump Speed. 2. Which pump is more efficient Centrifugal pump or Reciprocating pump? Centrifugal

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