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Industrial Bucket Elevators | Vertical Bucket Conveyors | Bucket Elevator Types

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Types of bucket elevators: Bucket elevators are classified into three types. They classified according to the bucket spacing and mode of discharge. They are: 1. Centrifugal Discharge elevators 2. Continuous Discharge elevators 3. Positive Discharge Elevators Centrifugal Discharge Elevators: In a centrifugal discharge elevator, buckets are fixed on to belt or chain at regular pitch to avoid interference in loading

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Bucket Elevator Part | Bucket Elevator Guide | Bucket Elevator How It Works

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A bucket elevator is a conveyor for carrying bulk materials in a vertical or inclined path. Bucket elevators for the mechanical, vertical transportation of materials have become a crucial link in the production process in many industrial sectors. Typical elevator consists of: 1. An endless belt, 2. A chain or chains, to which buckets are attached, 3. Necessary loading and

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