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Plastics | Utility Of Plastics | Engineering Plastics

Utility of Plastics Plastics are excellent materials with unique and very useful properties. You can produce just about anything you can imagine using plastics. Characteristics of Plastics History Of Plastics: 1. Before Plastics—Age of the Natural Resins Rubber—Tough elastic substance (light cream or dark amber colored) from the milky juice (sap) of rubber tree Ebonite—Hard…

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Automobile Engineering

Advanced Battery Storage Technology | Ultra Capacitor Battery Storage unit | Barium-Titanate Insulator

Advanced Battery Storage Technology For decades, Advanced battery storage technology has been a heavy weight on the back of scientific innovation. From cell phones to electric vehicles, our technological capabilities always seem to be several steps ahead of our ability to power them. Several promising new technologies are currently under development to help power the…

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Nano Composite Material | Calculate High Cycle Fatigue | Repeated Mechanical Stress Create Stronger Nano Composites

Nano Composite Material If someone does a lot of arm curls at the gym, the typical result is that the bones and muscles in their arms will get stronger. Recently, researchers at Houston’s Rice University inadvertently created a nano composite that behaves in the same way. Although the material doesn’t respond to static stress, repeated…

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Manufacturing Engineering

Infrared Curing | Convection Curing | Infrared Heating Systems | Infrared Curing & Drying Technology

Infrared Curing and Drying Technology The coatings and paint industries strive to provide high technology coatings while reducing volatile organic compounds and energy consumption to produce a finished coating. Conventionally Convection ovens are used to cure the coatings. But this process which uses electric heaters is not an optimal process and is associated with various…

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Material Science & Metallurgy


As the standards of our industry rise due to increasing globalization and competition, there is an ever growing need for consistency and reliability. Breakdown of any unit, system or equipment is an avoidable and costly occurrence and must be prevented or minimized. Analysis of such failures becomes a resourceful and affordable tool in addressing such unwanted occurrences.

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Material Science & Metallurgy

Sintering in Powder Metallurgy | Green Compact | Diffusing

What is sintering in powder metallurgy process?

The operation of heating the green compact at high temperature in a controlled atmosphere (Reducing atmosphere which protects oxidation of metal powders). The Sintering increases the bond between the particles and therefore strengthens a powder metal compact. Sintering temperature and time of sintering depends on the type of powders and the strength required in a final product. The Sintering temperatures usually 0.6 to 0.8 times the melting point of powders.

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BIS Indian standards for Designation of steels | Designation of steel alloys

Bureau of Indian Standard shortly BIS uses the following designation. Symbolic Letters and Numbers to designate the steel grade (e.g. Mechanical, Physical, and Chemical). The standard IS No. is 7598:1990. Classification of Steel names For the purpose of designation, steels are classified into two types. They are: Group 1 Group 2 Group 1 – According…

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Selection of Materials based on Mechanical Properties | How to do a Material Selection

Tags: Material Selection in Machine design, how to do a material selection, material selection basics, material selection by composition, material selection examples, material selection for mechanical design Selection of Materials for a Machine design has a very important component in Machine design. When put into service, different machine elements face different working conditions, which hey…