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SolidWorks / COSMOS Design Simulation Software | Design Validation By SolidWorks COSMOS Simulation | Engineering Design Challenges

a5dd5 01 design challenges in the automotive sector product design surface design new product developm1 Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering SolidWorks / COSMOS Design

SolidWorks / COSMOS Design Validation: Accelerate new product development Switch to alternate or cheaper material Reduce Prototyping costs Improve product quality and performance Enhance reliability SolidWorks / COSMOS Design Responding To Design Challenges: Improve complex product designs Enhanced function and performance Meet product specification and / or regulation Reduce Re-Design Design right first time Weight and shape optimization Early problem

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Pen Ink Refill | Spiral Tube Ink Refilling | Double Ink Capacity Ball Point Pens

3847d Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering

A ballpoint pen is a writing instrument with an internal ink reservoir and a sphere for a point. The internal chamber is filled with a viscous ink that is dispensed at its tip during use by the rolling action of a small sphere.    There are two basic types of ball point pens: Disposable Refillable. Disposable pens are chiefly made

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Jetpack | Personal Flying Jetpack Machine | Jetpack Machines

346c6 silverjetpackmartinaviationcompanyhimmelsturner Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering

        This Jetpack consists of a built-in gasoline engine driving twin ducted fans which produce sufficient thrust to lift the aircraft and a pilot in vertical takeoff and landing, enabling sustained flight. Jetpack Development: Since the beginning of time man has dreamed of personal flight – the ability to fly as free as birds and escape gravity’s pull. From the

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Augmented Reality

3d483 01augmentedrealityapplicationsaraugmentedrealitytechnologyarfornavigation Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering

    Augmented Reality (AR) is a new technology that involves the overlay of computer graphics on the real world. AR is within a more general context termed Mixed Reality (MR), which refers to a multi-axis spectrum of areas that cover Virtual Reality (VR), AR, telepresence, and other related technologies. Virtual Reality is a term used for computer generated 3D environments

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Magnetic Bearing Technology | Floating Rotors | Direct Drive System Technologies For High Power Machines

73202 01 magnetic bearing magnetic bearing technology active non contact position sensors Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering

Magnetic bearings have been utilized by a variety of industries for over a decade with benefits that include non-contact rotor support, no lubrication and no friction. Conventional mechanical bearings, the kind that physically interface with the shaft and require some form of lubrication, can be replaced by a technology that suspends a rotor in a magnetic field, which eliminates friction

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Sir Richard Branson’s Flying Submarine To Explore Oceans’ Depths

cb050 Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering

Virgin Group chairman, adventurer and billionaire Sir Richard Branson, after having set his sights on commercial space travel through his Virgin Galactic, is now targeting the oceans’ depths. Branson on April 5 showcased the ‘Necker Nymph’, a solo-piloted ‘flying’ mini-submarine in which he plans to explore depths to which no man has ever been before in all the five oceans

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Low Voltage Ride-Thru Technology (LVRT) | Wind Turbine Technology

438cf 01erectionofwindturbinesinoffshoreandonshorepatentedtechnologieslowvoltageridethrotechnologiesma Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering

In renewable power generation the wind energy has been noted as the most rapidly growing technology; it attracts interest as one of the most cost-effective ways to generate electricity from renewable sources. Because of some challenges such as conventional energy sources consumption,  pollution,  global climate change and security of energy supply, significant efforts have been made to develop renewable energy

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WindVAR Technology | Wind Volt-Amp-Reactive | Various Wind Power Generator Technologies

73a89 01gewindturbinelayoutinteriorconstructionoperation Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering

Today through Wind Volt-Amp-Reactive (“WindVAR”) electronics, voltage is controlled and regulated in real-time. Similar to conventional utility generator, WindVAR supplies reactive power to the grid at the time its needed. in a fraction of a second , regulating system voltage and stabilizing weak grids. With the ability to supply reactive power to the grid Wind VAR opens the door to

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Factor of Safety, FOS

17e99 01 factor of safety chair design Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Online

It is common practice to size the machine elements, so that the maximum design stress is below the UTS (Ultimate Tensile Stress) or yield stress by an appropriate factor – the Factor of Safety, based on UTS(Ultimate Tensile Stress) or Yield Strength. The factor of safety also known as Safety Factor, is used to provide a design margin over the

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Poisson’s Ratio | Basics Of Mechanical Engineering

7feb5 01 poissonratio isotropic linearly material youngs modulus bulk modulus shear modulus auxetic ma Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering

When an element is stretched in one direction, it tends to get thinner in the other two directions. Hence, the change in longitudinal and lateral strains are opposite in nature (generally). Poisson’s ratio ν, named after Simeon Poisson, is a measure of this tendency. It is defined as the ratio of the contraction strain normal to the applied load divided

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