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Latest Automobile Technology

Magnetic Bearing Technology | Floating Rotors | Direct Drive System Technologies For High Power Machines

Magnetic Bearing Technology Magnetic bearings have been utilized by a variety of industries for over a decade with benefits that include non-contact rotor support, no lubrication and no friction. Conventional mechanical bearings, the kind that physically interface with the shaft and require some form of lubrication, can be replaced by a technology that suspends a…

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The Power Of Foot Steps into Energy | Electricity Produced By The Piezo Electricity Theory | GE New Piezo Electric Charging

The Power Of Foot Steps into Energy A team of college students came together to design a new traffic intersection that transforms the power of footsteps into energy. The theories behind piezoelectricity, or the conversion of movements and vibrations into electricity, have existed for over 100 years. Very few applications of piezoelectricity exist in this…

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Mechanical Vibration

Machine Vibration | Causes of Vibration

Machine Vibration What Causes Machine Vibration? Almost all machine vibration is due to one or more of these causes: (a) Repeating forces (b) Looseness (c) Resonance (a) Repeating Forces Imagine a boat anchored in a bay. Waves are slapping the sides of the boat, and as long as the waves continue to act on the…

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Mechanical Vibration

Mechanical Vibration | Introduction To Machine Vibration | Causes of Machine Vibration

Mechanical Vibration What is Machine Vibration? Most of us are familiar with vibration; a vibrating object moves to and fro, back and forth. A vibrating object oscillates. We experience many examples of vibration in our daily lives. A pendulum set in motion vibrates. A plucked guitar string vibrates. Vehicles driven on rough terrain vibrate, and…

01-mechanical vibration-example-law-of-vibration
Mechanical Vibration

Introduction to Mechanical Vibrations

Introduction to Mechanical Vibrations The study of vibration A body is said to vibrate if it has periodic motion. Mechanical vibration is the study of oscillatory motions of bodies. Vibrations are harmful for engineering systems. Some times vibrations can be useful. For example, vibratory compactors are used for compacting concrete during construction work. Excessive vibration…

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Aerogel | World’s Lightest Material | Aerogel Lighter Than Air | Aerogel Insulation

Aerogel is a very special type of foam which is 99.8% air. Aerogel is a low-density solid-state material derived from gel in which the liquid component of the gel has been replaced with gas. The result is an extremely low density solid with several remarkable properties, most notably its effectiveness as a thermal insulator. Aerogels…