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Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping Human Interface design | Need For Usable Interface in Rapid Prototyping

Need For Usable Interface in Rapid Prototyping Human Interface Design Typical computer user was an engineer or programmer – someone quite comfortable with latest technologies. To non computer users, mastering technologies was like conquering Mongolian Genghis khan – only the hardy returned. User friendly was not yet a term used to describe computer software. There…

Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing in Electronics Industry | Modern Quantum Dot Display | New Bionic Ear | CUBESAT 3D Printing

3D Printing in Electronics Industry   The exact techniques are much easier to accelerate innovation. Additive manufacturing has already been revolutionising different industries from the automotive industry to the healthcare sector, will the electronic industry be influenced by this technology? Here we can see the versatility and speed required by 3D printing when creating new…

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NASA Additive Manufacturing | 3D Printing Aerospace | Aurora Flight Sciences

NASA Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace   The aerospace industry is one of the most exciting fields of the development of Additive Manufacturing (I.e. 3D Printing). This sector accounts for almost 20 % of the overall Additive Manufacturing business today, according to the Wohler survey. Light weight and high strength materials are probably recommended in aerospace…

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3D Printing Human Organs | 3D Printed Bone Tissue | New 3D Printing Skin Tissue | Revolutionary 3D Printed Ear

3D Printing Human Organs 3D printing Human Organs  uses three – dimensional computer printing techniques in which a computer 3D model is placed in a 3D printer and lays out successive polymer or latex layers before 3D objects are produced. The material that was used by printer is a biocompatible polymer in the situation of…

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3D Printing in Healthcare Emerging Applications | Novel Organ Printing

In this article, 3D Printing in Healthcare, Emerging Applications in the Biomedical industries and different organs printed are explained in detail. 3D Printing in Healthcare emerging applications In a short period of time, 3D printing enables your concept to the real product. Therefore, 3D printing is really useful for medical devices. The skilled 3D printing service enables…

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3D Bio Printing | How does 3D Bioprinting Work | New 3D Bioprinting Organs

3D Bio printing is an additive manufacturing processing technique that incorporates bio materials such as cells and growth factors to build tissues that resemble natural tissue-like structures. In order to build these structures layer by layer, the process uses a material called bioink. The technique applies significantly in the medical and biotechnological fields. Recently, the…

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3D Printing Polymer Materials | Mechanical Characterization of 3D-Printed Polymers

3D Printing Polymer Materials in Industries While selecting a product to print a specific component, a close consideration is essential. Whilst the number of commercial usable polymers are accessible, not a single polymer offers one the required properties for a particular application. Moreover, no specific polymer present on the market can be printed using a…

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3D Printing Technologies | FDM 3D Printing | Stereolithography Printers

3D Printing Technologies Some of the 3D Printing Technologies are mentioned below. For quick prototyping, creative components, and the development of jigs and fixtures, companies such as Ford, Volvo, and BMW currently use 3D printing. Mercedes-Benz is going to be leading this market, with over 100,000 printed prototypes created annually. Recent forecasts for the global…

Rapid Prototyping

Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing | Additive Manufacturing Applications | 7 Steps to Design aN Additive Manufacturing Product to Improve cost Efficiency

Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing an Additive Manufacturing technique Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing technology, often described as additive manufacturing, focuses on the methods used to produce a 3D object, wherein the material layers are successively laid to construct a solid part under a computer-controlled programme. Additive Manufacturing (AM) is really an evolving 3D printing technique that…

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Latest Mechanical Seminar Topics

Laser Cladding Technology | The Latest Trend In Laser Cladding Process | Laser Cladding Applications | 5 Common Myths About Laser Welding | Laser Cutting | Laser Cladding Repair Services

  LASER CLADDING TECHNOLOGY Laser Cladding is the process wherein the metal (powder/wire) is deposited on to another metal using a laser as heat source. It’s an alternative to traditional welding and thermal spray. Laser cladding, also known as laser metal deposition, is a technique for adding one material to the surface of another. Laser cladding…

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Manufacturing Engineering

RT Prototyping | Rapid Tooling

RT Prototyping / Rapid Prototyping / Rapid Tooling An Application of Rapid prototyping is Rapid tooling, this an automatic fabrication of machine tools. Tooling is one of the most costly steps in the manufacturing process. Tools are often complex and need to be wear resistant for production. To meet these requirements, molds and dies are…

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Manufacturing process

Fused Deposition Modeling | An Introduction To Rapid Prototyping Process | Rapid Prototyping Methodology Types

Fused Deposition Modeling An Rapid Prototyping Process Rapid Prototyping process starts with the uploading of your STL file for a rapid quote.  This Product Realization will transform your CAD drawings into plastic parts. Parts are built layer by layer in an additive process. Extrusion heads lay down thermoplastics to create each layer. Build Envelope (XYZ): …