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Renewable Energy

Recycling Waste

Recycling Waste | Difference Between Recycle And Upcycle | Recycle Battery | Recycle Fluorescent Bulb | Recycle Electronics

Recycling is an easy way to reuse your materials, creating fewer landfills and conserving valuable natural resources. Recycling one aluminum can save enough energy to listen to a full album on your MP3 player; recycling 1 glass bottle conserves enough energy for 10 minutes of cooking time.

The 5 recycling questions you should ask before recycling anything:

1. Is it recyclable?
2. How will it be recycled?
3. Does it belong in recycling at all?
4. What can I do with that other than recycle?
5. Why am I still throwing it away instead of just recycling it in the first place?


Prime Movers | How Are Prime Movers Classified? | 10 Explanation On Why Engine Prime Movers Is So Important.

Introduction to Prime Movers
– Prime Movers Definition
Different Energy Sources Used by Prime Movers
1. Fuel Burning
2. Water from River
3. Atoms
4.. Wind Energy
5. Solar Energy
Types of Prime Movers
1. Thermal Prime Movers
2. Heat Engines
3. Nuclear
4. Geothermal
5. Biogas
6. Solar Energy
Non-Thermal Prime Movers
1. Hydraulic Turbines
2. Wind Power
3. Tidal Power

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