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Solar Cell History | Timeline Of Solar Cells

Mankind has been harnessing the energy of the sun since the seventh century B.C. The sun’s rays shower the earth’s surface and humans have been using them to satisfy their energy needs. Each hour of sunshine theoretically will contribute to satisfy the globe’s energy demand per annum. The ancient civilizations particularly, Rome and Greece demonstrated their initial documented use of

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History Of Solar Energy | Solar Thermal History

The sun has made energy for billions of years.  Solar energy is that the sun’s rays (solar radiation) that reach the world. Solar power technology isn’t new. Solar energy history spans from early mankind’s to nowadays. Solar energy is employed everywhere in the planet in several aspects. Solar Energy is a renewable source because it isn’t made of fossil fuels

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Solar Radiation Measurement | Solar Measuring Instruments

01-pyrheliometer - solar radiation measurement

MEASURING INSTRUMENTS FOR SOLAR POWER SYSTEMS While performing on numerous types of solar power systems, it’s extremely necessary to grasp the reading, regarding the radiation emitted from the sun, by its measuring devices and recording devices. The radiation of sun to the earth’s surface consists of 2 components like direct radiation and diffused radiation. Different types of solar measuring instruments,

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Solar Energy Materials And Solar Cells | Types Of Solar Cells

Solar radiation received on earth in just one hour is more than what the whole world’s population consumes in one year. 3,850,000 Exajoules (EJ) amount of solar energy received by Earth Surface per year. In 2011, worldwide primary energy consumptions was 550 EJ. 7 hours of Solar Energy at Deserts can meet annual global energy requirement. Note: 1 EJ =

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