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Air-Conditioner | Air-Conditioning System | Window Air Conditioner

874b2 01 circuit of air conditioning system window air conditioning system Thermal Thermal air conditioning system

WINDOW AIR-CONDITIONER This is also called as window type room air-conditioner because it can be accommodated in window of walls. This unit is suitable for cooling the rooms in hot summer. The window air-conditioner works on the vapour compression refrigeration cycle. Description The basic components of a window air-conditioner are compressor, condenser, a capillary tube and an evaporator, in addition

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Domestic Refrigerator | Layout of a Typical Domestic Refrigerator

325bb 01 domestic refrigerator components of a domestic refrigerator Thermal Thermal domestic refrigerator

LAYOUT OF TYPICAL DOMESTIC REFRIGERATOR Refrigerators, once considered a luxury, are now a necessity of daily life. They have usage in homes, hotels, office, laboratories, hospitals, shops restaurants, etc. They are manufactured in several sizes and many brands are available. The different models are rated on the basis of gross volume such as 100 litres, 165 litres, 200 litres, 250

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Vapour Compression Refrigeration System | Refrigeration System

94abe 01 vapour compression refrigeration system refrigeration systems Thermal Thermal vapour compression refrigeration system

Vapour compression refrigeration system The most important of all the refrigeration system is the vapour compression refrigeration system with the view point of commercial and domestic utility. This system is the most practical form of refrigeration. Principle in this system Freon-12 or freon-22 is used as refrigerant. This refrigerant is capable of readily evaporation and condensation without leaving the plant

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Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System | Refrigeration System

5c8a7 01 vapour absorption refrigeration system refrigeration systems Thermal Thermal vapour absorption refrigeration system

Vapour absorption refrigeration system The vapour absorption system used heat energy instead of mechanical energy and hence compressor is not used. Instead it is replaced by an absorber, a heat exchanger and a generator. This system uses ammonia as refrigerant. Principle The basic principle of this system is that the ammonia vapour condenses when it is dissolved in water. Further

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