Common Rail Type Fuel Injection System

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01-bosch-common rail injection system-cutting edge diesel technology-ultra high performance 12 cylinder engine

Electronic control common rail type fuel injection system drives an integrated fuel pump at an ultrahigh pressure to distribute fuel to each injector per cylinder through a common rail.


01-common rail fuel injection system
This enables optimum combustion to generate big horsepower, and reduce PM* (diesel plume) and fuel consumption.

01-common rail type fuel injection system-distribute in ultrahigh pressure- optimum combustion rate

Bosch will supply the complete common-rail injection system for the high-performance 12-cylinder engine introduced by Peugeot Sport for its latest racing car. The system comprises high-pressure pumps, a fuel rail shared by all cylinders (i.e. a common rail), piezo in-line injectors, and the central control unit which compiles and processes all relevant sensor data.

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