Driver Assistance Technologies

Due to the cramped out space in cities resulting from increasing population and rising No. of vehicles, driving is becoming tougher with each passing day. Hence the need for driver assist technology. The driver assist technologies are meant not only for safer driving but also to help you reach at your destination in time. Here we’re putting 5 driver assist technologies that will not only make driving fun but safe at the same time.

Driver Assistance Technologies 1. GO 950 LIVE Satellite Navigation System

01-Live Satellite Navigation System- Tom Tom Go 950 Live-Driver Assistance Technologies


Finding the shortest route while traveling is going to become easy with the Tom Tom GO 950 LIVE. This device will offer you precise and the latest travel information through a new user interface.

Driver Assistance Technologies 2. Wake-Up Angle Vibrating Anti-Sleep Device

01-Anti Sleep Driving System-Safe Driving Systems
01-Wake Up Angle-Safe Driving Technologies


Feel drained after a long day at work and now have to drive back home. A sleepy state can prove to be dangerous specially while driving. To make sure that you don’t catch up on your forty winks while driving, a device named Wake-Up Angle has was designed by The Design Town in the year 2007. Resembling a hearing-aid, the device is positioned behind the ear. Whenever the driver’s head bends forward, below the safe angel, the Wake-Up Angle starts vibrating which in turn stirs up the person behind the wheel.

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Driver Assistance Technologies 3. BMW develops automatic parking system

01-Bmw-Automatic-Parking-Systems-Explained-Car Features


So, you love your Beemer but every time you have to park it in your tight garage your heart stops beating. How can you see your beauty on wheels get wounded, that too while parking? Well, to kill all such woes BMW has developed a robotic parking system. All you have to do is press a remote-control button and see the parking-assist technology place your car wherever you want. Just relax and see your car maneuver through the parking lot or your garage. A demo of this technology was shown at Munich headquarters recently.

Driver Assistance Technologies 4. Satellite Navigation System

01-Safe Satellite Navigation System-Car Inbuilt Acura Rdx Satellite Navigation System


Garmin Nuvi 265W Satellite Navigation System is here to become your best buddy while driving. It will not only guide you which route to take but will also guide you at every step and turn. Nuvi 265W will make sure you stay safe on the road as it comes wedged with an advanced safety camera warning system. This uncomplicated and harmless device will guide you through rough traffic as it comes filled with maps for Europe and millions of points of interest (POIs). So grab this handy and reasonably priced piece of equipment and always take the right route.

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Driver Assistance Technologies 5. Volvo’s Pedestrian Detection with automatic brakes

01-Volvo'S Pedestrian Detection With Automatic Brakes-Emergency Pedestrian Detection Technology

Description of Driver Assistance Technologies:

The reaction time goes for a toss while driving when someone suddenly emerges in front of the car. This can prove to be quite a disaster, throwing you behind bars and the pedestrian in a hospital. Just to avoid any such situation a “Pedestrian Detection” technology along with automatic brakes has been embedded in Volvo’s S60 sedan. It will intelligently sense anyone who gets in the way and if the driver fails to respond will apply brakes and make the vehicle freeze. But if you are driving above 22mph, speed of the vehicle will be reduced to desirable levels avoiding any serious crashes.

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