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Errors | Errors in Measurement | Absolute Error | Relative Error | Causes Of Calibration

Errors in Measurement :

Error = Measured Value – True Value

Em = Vm – Vt

Absolute Error :


True absolute error :

= Result of measurement – True Value

Apparent Absolute Error:

= Result of measurement – Arithmetic Value

Relative error :

It is defined as the result of the absolute error and the value of comparison used for the calculation of that absolute error.


Causes of errors:

Calibration error:

These are caused by the variation in the calibrated scale from its normal value.


Environmental Error :

These are caused by humidity conditions, temperature, and altitude.

Assembly Error:

i. Displaced Scale (incorrect Fitting)

ii. Non-uniform division of the scale.

iii. Due to bent/distorted pointer.


Random Error:

Naturally Occurred

No specific reasons

Systematic errors (or) Bias errors:

These are caused due to repeated readings.

01-errors-types of error-systematic error-random error-bias error

Chaotic errors :

These are caused due to vibrations,noises and shocks.

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