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Floating Solar Power Plants

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There’s a lot of surface area on this planet for solar panels. The ocean’s are a vast area to utilize this floating solar power plants.  But,  the weather can make the installation and use of floating solar arrays difficult.  That’s not the case with LSAs (Liquid Solar Arrays) by Sunengy Pty LTD.

The floating solar power units, called Liquid Solar Arrays (LSA), use concentrated photovoltaic technology where a lenses direct the light onto solar cells and move throughout the day to follow the sun.

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The company says the advantage to floating a solar power plant is that it erases the need for expensive structures to protect it from inclement weather and high winds — when rough weather comes along, the lenses just submerge.  Floating on water, whether it be the ocean, a lake or a tiny pond, also keeps the solar cells cool, which increases their efficiency and lifespan.

“The LSA system is based on floating solar collectors made mostly of plastic. Each has a very small area of silicon photovoltaic cells at the water surface with a large, thin plastic focusing lens rotating slowly above to track the sun. The water cools the silicon cells and in bad weather the lens is protected by rotating it fully under the water to avoid damage in high winds. ”

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What is liquid solar array technology | Floating Solar Power Plants

In this technology, lens and photo voltaic cells are made to float on the water.  These absorb solar energy during the day.  There is no need to undertake any construction in water as these are made to float with the new technology.  This can withstand all adverse weather conditions.  This new technology will convert the dam into a big batterySolar energy can be stored without any cost.  Liquid Solar Array technology provides an opportunity to maintain water resources more effectively.

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Special features of LSA | Floating Solar Power Plants

LSA technology is cheap and it can even withstand cyclones.  Land is not needed for establishing this plant and so there will not be any problems for procuring the land.  In India, there is 30 thousand square kilometers of water area and even if 1% of it is utilized for this technology, electricity that is equal to the electricity produced by 15 big thermal electricity plants can be produced.

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