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Hybrid Synergy Drive

hybrid synergy drive (HSD)_howitworks

What Is a Hybrid System?

A hybrid system combines different power sources to maximize each one’s strengths, while compensating for the others’ shortcomings. A gasoline-electric hybrid system, for example, combines an internal combustion engine’s high-speed power with the clean efficiency and low-speed torque of an electric motor that never needs to be plugged in.

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Are All Hybrids Created Equal?

There are several ways in which electric motors and a gas/petrol engine can be combined.

Toyota perfected the series/parallel or “full” hybrid to deliver the energy-saving benefit of a series hybrid together with the acceleration benefit of a parallel hybrid. Two key technologies — the power split device and sophisticated energy management — make this possible. They constantly optimize the flows of mechanical power and electric power for safe and comfortable vehicle operation at the highest possible efficiency.

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The Full Hybrid

Toyota’s unique hybrid system combines an electric motor and a gasoline engine in the most efficient manner. It saves fuel and reduces emissions while giving ample power.

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Taking advantage of the electric motors’ low-speed torque at start-off

When the car starts off, Toyota’s hybrid vehicles use only the electric motors, powered by the battery, while the gas/petrol engine remains shut off. A gas/petrol engine cannot produce high torque in the low rpm range, whereas electric motors can – delivering a very responsive and smooth start.

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