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Interview Questions In Boiler | Placement Interview Questions In Mechanical Engineering | 10 Reasons to Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Placement Papers With Answers In Boiler Operation.

Interview Questions in Boiler

This article has covered many topics related to Interview Questions in Boiler, Steam Boiler question and Answers, Types of Steam Boilers, Fundamentals and Function of Steam Boilers etc. These in-depth interview questions in Boilers are helpful for Boiler operator, Boiler inspector and boiler exams, assessment and certifications and these questions are prepared from the reputable and leading books in Boiler studies.

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What is the differences between gas turbine and a steam turbine?

Gas turbine works on Bryton cycle where as steam turbine works Rankine cycle. Construction, operation of a gas turbine are entirely different to steam turbine. Gas turbine has a compressor to compress the combustion air, a combustion chamber to burn the fuel and a turbine section to extract the work for burning fuel. Steam turbine is just has a turbine section to extract the work from steam.

What is operating pressure? | Interview Questions in Boiler

The amount of pressure nearest the point of performing work at the output end of a pneumatic system. The system operating pressure is used to specify the capability of valves and actuators.

What are the safety valves? How many on each boiler?

A valve opening automatically to relieve excessive pressure, especially in a boiler.

There are normally two to six safety valves provided in the drum depending upon the capacity.

The super heater outlet will have one to three safety valves on either side of the boiler. There will be an electromatic relief valve on the super heater pipe in addition. This valve will be set at lower pressure than the lowest set safety valve on the super heater.

The reheater pipes both at the inlet and outlet side will also have safety valves which can range from two to eight both in the inlet and outlet of the reheater put together.

What is a sentinel valve? | Interview Questions in Boiler

Sentinel valves are simply small relief valves installed in some systems to warn of impending over pressurization. Sentinel valves do not relieve the pressure of the system. If the situation causing the sentinel valve to lift is not corrected, a relief valve (if installed) will lift to protect the system or component. If a relief valve is not installed, action must be taken quickly to secure the piece of equipment or system to reduce the pressure.

What is the function of Hydrogen seals work on a generator?

Provide a seal between the generator housings and rotor shaft to maintain the pressurized hydrogen gas inside the generator. Also, provides a trap-vent system to prevent the release of hydrogen into the turbine generator lube oil system and building atmosphere.

How is the excess discharge pressure prevented? | Interview Questions in Boiler

Pressure relief valves on the discharge side of each seal oil pump relieves back to seal oil system.

Which two seal oil pumps are driven from the same motor? | Interview Questions in Boiler

Main seal oil pump and re-circular seal oil pump; both are driven by Main seal oil pump motor.

When does Emergency Seal Oil Pump automatically start?

When its pressure switch senses Main Seal Oil Pump discharge pressure reduced to 78 PSI.

What is the consequence of not maintaining hydrogen (or air) pressure in generator casing at a value above atmospheric pressure when seal oil system is in service?

Failure to do so will cause excessive seal oil to be drawn into the generator.

What impact does sulphur in coal have in a boiler? | Interview Questions in Boiler

Sulfur is oxidized to SO2 and a portion of SO3 and then reacts with water to form sulfuric acid at a temperature known as the acid dew point, which is usually about 120 degrees Celsius. As sulfuric acid comes into contact with steel, it forms sulfuric acid, which corrodes it.

Is it possible to fire Oil in boiler as a Fuel?

No it is not allowed to fire Oil as a Fuel in Boiler because boiler is designed for gas firing only.

How casing wall of boiler kept cool?

The furnace walls floor and roof consist of Fin-Welded tubes, backed by sufficient insulation to provide a cool casing wall.

Describe the basic principle of De-aeration?

Two Physical laws provide the basic principles of de-aeration.

  • Solubility of any gas in a liquid is directly proportional to the partial pressure of the gas above the liquid surface
  • Solubility of gas in liquid decrease as the temperature of the liquid rises

Why fins are there on economizer tubes?

Economizer has finned tubes for easy & better heat transfer.

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