Jib Crane Rotation | Jib Crane Movement | Jib Crane Motion | Jib Crane Electric Winch

Jib Crane Motions | Jib Crane Electrical Wrench

Jib crane have the following motions:

    1. Hoisting motion
    2. Derricking or luffing motion
    3. Slewing motion
    4. Long travel motion

Hoisting motion:

It is used to lift or lower the load. This is usually achieved by steel wire ropes being affixed to a crane hook or a grab hanging from the outer end of the jib. The rope is applied through some receiving arrangement and controlled and operated by a winch system.

01-crane hoist-tower crane-electric hoist-jib crane motion-to lift or lower the load-steel wire ropes

Derricking or Luffing motion:

It is imparted to the inclined member or the jib to move in a vertical plane so that the angle of the jib may be changed in order to bring the load line nearer to or further off from the centre of the crane.

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01-derricking motion-luffing motion-of jib cranes-jib move in vertical plane

Slewing motion:

It is imparted to the whole super structure of the crane including the jib, so that it can turn about a central pivot shaft w.r.t. the non-revolving parts. This motion enables the crane to shift the load line to revolve round the crane.

01-wall mounted jib crane-for handling light weight materials-slewing motion

Long Travel Motion:

It may be required when the whole crane structure has to be shifted to a distant place along a rail track or along a road.

01-crawler mounted mobile jib cranes-travelling type jib cranes-power driven cranes-long travel motion


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