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Magic Trackpad | Mac Book Pro 2018 Force Touch Trackpad

Magic Trackpad

magic trackpad

Taptic Engine

In older days tiny joysticks are used in Laptop’s which are replaced by touch pad’s. Later touch pad’s with the function of separate mouse buttons feel immense. Already the latest gadgets have multiple fingers at once, Pinch to zoom and scrolling with two fingers.

Latest technology adapted to the Apple’s watch, Macbook Pro and Iphone 7 are Apple’s Force Touch Taptic Engine enabling smooth operations. Now this feature enables how hard you press, which creates new oscillating signals for the new interface.

Why the name created as Taptic?

The word is the combination of “Tap” and “Haptic”. A technology which generates vibration from the forces developed while pressing by the user to convey the information. Think of a game controller when the character fears when shot produce a vibration to the user. This signal is called as “haptic feedback”.

Parts of the Tactic Engine

The whole assembly is made up of a force sensor and a lateral vibrator. Underneath the force touch pad have a force sensor which detects how hard you press. Strain gauges and Thin Piezo electric force sensors are placed at each corners of the track pad. When the user presses the track pad strain gauges creates resistance and it is recorded by micro controller which translated into force values.

Simultaneously a piezo electric sensor when it’s deformed generates a voltage and the micro controller converts as a force. So both devices create the output signal in a matter of microseconds. The whole experience is much like using a two stage camera shutter button that clicks once to focus and depresses further to capture the shot.

History of Tactic Engine

The type of haptic effect can vary in complexity from simple vibrations to versatile effects driven by complex mathematical models. Simple rumble vibrations have been used in mobile phones for several years, but they are evolving to more intricate effects. High fidelity force feedback has been shown to produce a more authentic response and engaging user experience. The new gesture rich user interfaces that are beginning to appear in Macbook pro, Iphone 7 will undoubtedly require high fidelity feedback.

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