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Manufacturing Engineering Interview Questions And Answers | Placement Questions In Manufacturing Engineering | Placement Paper Pattern In Manufacturing

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  • What is OEE?

OEE means Overall Equipment Effectiveness. This terminology widely used in Total productive maintenance, which is used to calculate the effectiveness of machines in manufacturing. Basically it captures the losses of machines in production and try to improve defects on machines. Higher the OEE, more capable is the machine.

  • In automobile vehicle, power is transmitted from the gear box to the differential through
    1. Bevel gears
    2. Hooke’s joint
    3. Old ham’s coupling
    4. Knuckle joint


Hooke’s joint

  • Leakage of refrigerant from a system is detected by halide torch. Here flame turns
    1. Bright green
    2. Red
    3. Yellow
    4. Orange


Bright green

  • Why Involutes Curve used in Gear?

Involute curve is the path traced by a point on a line as the line rolls without slipping on the circumference of a circle. Involute curve has a contact angle between two gears when the tangents of two gears pass through the contact point without friction.

  • What is Bearing stress?

The stress which acts on the contact surface area between two members is known as Bearing stress. An example for this is the stress between nut and the washer.

  • Which is hard material Cast Iron or Mild Steel?

Cast iron.  Due to the excess carbon content than mild steel it is harder. The more carbon content, the more hardness will be. But it reduces the weldability due to this hardness. It is brittle too.

  • What are the materials used for Sliding Wear pad?
  1. Urethane-Coated Base Material Provides Optimum Sliding Surfaces for Maximum Wear Ability

  2. Galvanized Steel for Backing on Head and Side Pads

  3. For crane services, We use Velcro Nylon wearing pad

  • Compressed air is contained in a cylinder at room temperature. It suddenly starts leaking through a hole. The behaviour of the gas is
    1. There is no change in its temperature
    2. It gets cooler
    3. It becomes hotter
    4. It may get cooler or become hotter depending on the humidity in the air
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  1. It gets cooler


It is a case of adiabatic expansion. So cooling takes place.

  • What is the difference between a Shaper machine and a Planner machine?

In Shaper machine tool is having reciprocating motion and work piece is clamped on table which is stationary. It is mostly suitable for light duty operation.In Shaping large cutting force is transferred to tool.

In Planer machine tool is having stationary and work piece is clamped on table which is reciprocating motion. It is mostly suitable for Heavy duty operation. In planner large cutting force is transferred to table.

  • Discharge of exhaust gases through chimney will be maximum when
    1. Chimney is very tall
    2. Outside temperature is much lower than the hot gas temperature
    3. Height of the chimney is equal to the half the height of the equivalent column of air
    4. When the temperature of exhaust gases is lowest
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Height of the chimney is equal to the half the height of the equivalent column of air

  • How will you calculate the tonnage of Mechanical Press?

F = S x L x T divided by 1000

F = Force in kilo Newton’s

S = shear stress of material in MPa

L = the total length of peripheries being cut/sheared in mm

T = thickness of material in mm

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