Material handling system, Material handling equipment, Automated logistics system

Material Handling Of Materials | Material Handling System | Material Handling Equipment

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Material Handling system and equipment’s:

Material handling system, Material handling equipment, Automated logistics system
Material handling system, Material handling equipment, Automated logistics system

In any production system, (either industrial/ Agricultural), the producer is always confronted with a problem of the material handling system and equipment’s. The necessary raw material has to be transported to the production site or machinery, and after the completion of the production processes the finished goods have to be transported from the production site or machinery to the warehouse for storage, or for disposal and marketing. If the production processes consist of more than one processing step or a number of equipment and machinery, then the producer has to arrange for additional handling facilities to transport material from one production unit to the other.

In a primitive system of production as in the agricultural production in India or in the shop of a village blacksmith, the raw material and finished goods are carried manually or by bullock cart. In a giant structural fabrication shop, or in a large foundry or forging shop, the raw materials and finished jobs may be moved with heavy duty EOT (Electric Overhead Travelling), Crane or Jib Crane.

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EOT Cranes, Electric Overhead Travelling
EOT Cranes, Electric Overhead Travelling

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

In a sophisticated production system, as adopted nowadays in the developed countries, there may be complete automation in handling system employing robotics or AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles).

Automated guided vehicles AGV
Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

It is necessary in the sense that every production process requires one or the other type of material handling arrangement. But a material handling system does not add to the value of the raw material or finished goods, yet simply increase the cost of production. So while selecting a material handling equipment or arrangement, critically analyze whether the selected equipment or arrangement will yield optimum productivity.

Essential Of Good Material Handling System:

  • Efficient and safe movement of materials to the desired place.
  • Timely movement of the materials when needed.
  • Supply of materials at the desired rate.
  • Storing of materials utilizing minimum space.
  • Low cost solution to the materials handling activities.
Automatic conveyor system, Material handling system, Material handling equipment’s

Advantages of Material Handling System:

  • Improve efficiency of a production system by ensuring the right quantity of materials delivered at the right place at the right time most economically.
  • Cut down indirect labor cost.
  • Reduce damage of materials during storage and movement.
  • Maximize space utilization by proper storage of materials and thereby reduce storage and handling cost.
  • Minimize accident during materials handling.
  • Reduce overall cost by improving materials handling.
  • Improve customer services by supplying materials in a manner convenient for handling.
  • Increase efficiency and sale-ability of plant and equipment with integral materials handling features.

Disadvantages of Material Handling System:

  • Additional capital cost involved in any material handling system.
  • Once a material handling system gets implemented, flexibility for further changes gets greatly reduced.
  • With an integrated material handling system installed, failure/stoppage in any portion of it leads to increased downtime of the production system.
  • Materials handling system need maintenance, hence any addition to materials handling mean additional maintenance facilities and costs.
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