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Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions For Freshers and Experienced | What Are Some Good Questions To Ask A Mechanical Engineer During An Interview?

Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

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What is the purpose of scrapper ring | Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

Scrap the excess lube oil from the cylinder walls. There by preventing oil from entering combustion zone.

How catalyst converter works? | Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

In Fuel Cell, a catalyst is a substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected. Catalysts participate in the reactions, but are neither reactants nor products of the reaction they catalyze.

What will happen if relief valve in Hydraulic System fails? 

The main function of pressure relief valve is to maintain the pressure in hydraulic system. It is one mounting which is used for safety. When pressure increases then safety valve comes into action & if the valve get fail the system get damage due to excessive pressure.

What does CC Stand for? | Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

CC is the abbreviated form of cubic centimeter. It is the unit by which the capacity of an engine is designated. It is the volume between TDC and BDC. It represents the quantity of fuel-air mix or exhaust gas that is pumped out in a single piston stroke. Alternatively it can represent the volume of the cylinder itself.

We have read that when the piston goes up and down then the engine works i.e. the suction,compression etc etc. then what happens in the case of big vehicles, which start at stable condition, i.e. how does their piston moves when they are at rest. how suction,compression etc

Smaller vehicles like bikes, cars are started with the help of motors. initially, motors turn the crank shaft till sufficient suction pressure is reached. When sufficient suction pressure is reached, the engine starts to suck the fuel in and then the cycle begins when the fuel is taken in and ignited. similarly, for huge engines, instead of motors, we use starting air.

Air at a pressure of 10-30 bar is fed to the engine which is at rest. This air rotates the engine till it attains sufficient suction pressure. Once the pressure is reached, the cycle starts and it starts firing.

What is the name of the device used to transfer heat from a subsystem at lower temperature to the surroundings at higher temperature

    1. Heat engine
    2. Refrigerator
    3. Carnot’s engine
    4. Turbines



What is the difference between S.S to EN8 | Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

SS- Stainless steel

En- Medium carbon steel

SS is Non Magnetic material & EN8 is Magnetic material

SS is Corrosion resistant & EN8 is Magnetic material

The Compression ratio of Petrol engine is always less than Compression Ratio of Diesel engine why?

Petrol is not self igniting , it needs spark to flame up in chamber. Where as diesel is self igniting in dieselengine , to attain that state it requires high temp &pressure. This temperature & pressure is more than what’s required in Petrol Engines by property of that fluid.

What is the temperature of space ? | Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

The short answer is that the temperature in space is approximately 2.725 Kelvin. That means the universe is generally just shy of three degrees above absolute zero – the temperature at which molecules themselves stop moving. That’s almost -270 degrees Celsius, or -455 Fahrenheit.

How to calculate the speed of conveyor in Meter Per Minute | Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

Measure the diameter of the rollers around which the conveyor belt is wrapped. Multiply the diameter of the roller by pi (3.14159). This calculation will yield the circumference of the rollers. Every time the roller spins one revolution, the conveyor will be moved a linear distance equivalent to the circumference of the roller. Pi is a dimensionless factor, meaning it does not matter whether inches, centimeters or any other units of measurement are used.

Measure the revolutions per minute (RPM) of the rollers. Count how many full revolutions (rotations) are made by the roller in one minute. Multiply the RPM by the circumference of the roller. This calculation will give the linear distance traversed by a point on the conveyor belt in one minute.

Inter-cooling in gas turbines | Mechanical Engineering interview questions

    1. Decreases net output but increases thermal efficiency
    2. Increases net output but decreases thermal efficiency
    3. Decreases both net output and thermal efficiency
    4. Increases both net output and thermal efficiency


Increases both net output and thermal efficiency


The gas turbine worked on the principle of Brayton cycle. Here the intercooler cool the Air/ Gas between L.P and H.P. stages of compression, allowing you to burn more fuel and generate more power

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