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Mechatronics Interview Questions And Answers

Mechatronics Interview Questions and Answers

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  • How does the failure of a knuckle pin occur? | Mechatronics Interview Questions and Answers

The most common mode of failure is overloading. Operating forces of the application produce loads that exceed the clamp load, and the joint either works itself loose or fails catastrophically. It occurs due to shear forces and twisting moments.

  • In a fillet weld, the weakest section is the

    1. The smaller side of the fillet
    2. The throat of the fillet
    3. Side perpendicular to force
    4. Side parallel to force


The throat of the fillet

  • An automobile vehicle heats up while lying in a parking lot on a sunny day. The process can be assumed to be

    1. Isothermal
    2. Isobaric
    3. Isometric
    4. Isentropic



  • What is the Expansion of SCADA, DCS, and HMI? | Mechatronics Interview Questions and Answers

SCADA-Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition

DCS-Distribution Control System and

HMI-Human Machine Interface

  • What is the Method for Testing Light Emitting Diode ( LED )?

Give forward bias voltage to the LED’s pin by using a multimeter. If it is OK, then it will glow up or remain in the off state.

  • What is the principal work of “O ring”? | Mechatronics Interview Questions And Answers

O rings are fitted to form a leak-proof joint between two mating surfaces. The O ring is like a gasket that is made of rubber to protect against the leakage of gas or vapor in-between two metal products.

  • What is the difference between a Relay and a contactor?

The purpose of a relay is to protect a device or a circuit. whereas the purpose of a contractor is to make and break the circuit, thereby extracting the required signals from their auxiliary contacts.

  • How to make various operations by Pressing a single push button (at least for 2 operations)?

It is simple by using contactors and auxiliary relays to do the operation. The BMS (Building Management System ) and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) are the latest versions but are comparatively expensive.

  • What is the Difference Between SCADA and BMS? | Mechatronics Interview Questions and Answers

SCADA is a control and data acquisition interface software, installed on computers (often PCs) and used with industrial automation controls (PLCs). They are generally developed by automation product manufacturers, (Rockwell, Siemens, Invensys, by some independents) (often bought by larger automation industries, look at Wonderware, Citect, In-touch), and sometimes by individuals who like their own interfaces in Visual C, Delphi… Communications are carried out over specialized buses such as Modbus, Profibus, Fieldbus, and Industrial Ethernet… and the sensors, drives, and motor controllers are designed to exchange with the PLCs over such links.

Building Management Systems are a parallel industry; components are different, manufacturers are HVAC and lighting industrials (Carrier, Trane, Honeywell), and standards are different. They use different communication protocols (BACnet, EIB, and LonWorks) and different standards. Generally, industrial standards will use more power, control higher voltages, and use smaller gauge wires than building automation.

  • How to control Temperature (Electronics way)? | Mechatronics Interview Questions And Answers

We can use one RTD ( Resistance Temperature Detector ) for temperature detection. When temperature changes, resistance also changes in RTD. This RTD input can be given to a PLC and, from the output of the PLC, a valve can be controlled based on the RTD input. This valve can in turn control the temperature of a container by the valve ON/OFF operation.

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