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1. Rawhide mallet:

It is a mallet to loosen the pattern in the mould by striking slightly, so that it can be withdrawn without damaging the mould.

01-wooden hammer-Hammer-wood

2. Gate cutter:

It is a metal piece to the gate the opening that connects tee sprue with the mould cavity.

01-gate cutter-mold cavity cutter-

3. Rapping plate (or) Lifting plate:

It is used to facilitate shaking and lifting large pattern from the mold.

01-lifting tool-rapping tool-shaking or lifting large pattern

4. Spirit level:

It is used to check that the sand bed, moulding box or table of moulding machine is horizontal.


5. Clamps:

Clamps are used to hold the cope and drag of the complete mould together so that the cope may not float or rise when the molten metal is poured into the mould.

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01-mold clamps-mould clamp

6. Gaggers (or) Lifters:

These are iron rods bent at one or both ends. These are used to reinforce the moulding sand in the top portion of the moulding box and for supporting hanging sand.

01-semi automatic cranes-automatic cranes-crane_for_automotive_industry-special cranes-standard overhead travel crane

7. Moulding box:

Sand moulds are prepared specially constructed boxes called the moulding boxes or flasks. The function and construction of a molding box have already been described.

01-moulding box-moulding flask-tight flask-wooden flask-snap flask

8. Moulding flasks:

01-molding flask-box flask-tight flask-wooden flask

1. Snap flask

2. Tapered slip flask

3. Box flask (or) Tight flask

4. Wooden flask

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