Moulding Tools

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Moulding Tools:

1. Shovel:

It is just like rectangular pan fitted with a handle. It is used for mixing the moulding sand and for moving it from one place to the other.

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2. Riddle:

It is used for removing foreign materials like nails, shot metal splinters of wood etc from the moulding sand.


3. Rammer:

It is a wooden tool used for ramming or packing the sand in the mould. Rammers are made in different shapes.

01-wooden hammer-Hammer-wood

4. Strike-off bar:

It is a cast iron or wrought iron bar with a true straight edge. It is used to remove the surplus sand from the mould after the ramming has been completed.

01-strike-strike off bar-strip of wood

5. Vent wire:

It is a mild steel wire used for making vents or openings in the mould.

01-vent wire-molding tool

6. Lifter:

It is a metal piece used for patching deep section of the mould and removing loose sand from pockets of the mould.

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7. Slick:

Different types of slicks are used for repairing and finishing moulds.

8. Trowel:

It contains of a flat and thick metal sheet with upwards projected handle at one end. It is used for making joints and finishing flat surface of a mould.

9. Swab:

It is made of flax or hemp. It is used for applying water to the mould around the edge of the pattern.

10. Draw spike:

It is a metal rod with a pointed or screwed end. It is used for removing the pattern from the mould.

01-lifting plate-rapping plate

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