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Opto Electronics | Fiber Optics Technology | Opto electronic Sensors | 6 Types Of Optoelectronics And Its Introduction: What No One Is Talking About

Opto Electronics Devices and its Applications

Optical techniques have always been used for a large number of automotive, metrological and sensing applications. Fiber- and integrated- optics technologies were primarily developed for telecommunication applications. However, the advances in the development of high quality and competitive price opto electronic components and fibers have largely contributed to the expansion of guided wave technology for sensing as well.

Types of Opto Electronic Devices

This post addresses the fundamentals of opto-electronics, with a short photon presentation. In addition various opto electronics instruments, including lamps, LEDs, photodiodes, resistors and laser diodes, will be addressed.

The word optoelectronics is a modern electronics specialization which focuses on light-emitting or light-detecting equipment.

The electromagnetic radiation (i.e., lighting) can be produced by light emitters using voltage and current. These light emitters are also used for lighting purposes or as indicator lights.

Opto Electronics Devices And Its Electronics Applications - Lamps - Led - Photo Resistors - Solar Cells
Opto Electronics Devices and its electronics applications – Lamps – LED – Photo resistors – Solar cells

In comparison, electromagnetic energy obtained by light detectors is transformed in electric current or voltage, for example by photo transistors. For light sensing and communication, light sensor instruments may be used. Examples include the switches and remote controls that are triggered by the darkness. Lighting detectors are typically used to trigger binding electrons onto the semiconductor material by using photons.

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What is Opto Electronics?

Opto Electronics - Optics Technology - Opto Electronics Tech Systems Sensor Technology
Opto electronics – Optics Technology – Opto Electronics Tech systems sensor technology

It is the branch of electronics dealing with devices that generate, transform, transmit, or sense optical, infrared or ultraviolet radiation, as solar cells and lasers.

Opto electronic devices are used to activate or deactivate an electronic circuit based on the intensity of light. Besides this general purpose, opto electronics devices are used in telecommunication, surveillance systems, capturing solar energy etc. Solid state opto electronic components are used as sensors for detecting visible light, Laser Infrared rays, Ultraviolet rays etc.

What is Opto Electronic Sensors?

Laser Technology - Fiber Optics - Fiber Optics Technology - Opto Electronics And Advanced Materials
Laser technology – Fiber Optics – Fiber Optics technology – Opto electronics and advanced materials

An opto electronic sensors is a device that is capable of producing an electrical signal that is proportional to the amount of light incident on the active area of the device.

Integrated opto electronic sensors are designed to recognize fundamental stimuli such as patterns, images, motion and intensity and colour.

Opto Electronics materials

Optoelectronics is based on semi-conductive materials in large part. Indirect band gaps like silicone and germanium are normally sufficient, such as in a photodetector, to exploit absorption processes, but are usually less suitable for light emitting. This is a major problem for silicone photonics, but different forms of solutions have been identified.

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Nevertheless, emissions devices such as laser diodes are largely based on materials from direct band gaps, particularly III-V form – gallium arsenide and indium phosphide, for example.

Types of Opto electronic Sensors:

Opto electronic Sensor Type


Light to voltage convertersConvert linear output voltage proportional to light intensity
Light to frequency converters

Convert light intensity to digital format for direct connection to microcontroller or Digital signal processor

Ambient light sensorsMeasure what the human eye sees
Linear sensor arraysMeasure spatial relationships and light intensity
Colour sensorsRGB filtered sensors for colour discrimination, determination and measurement
Reflective light sensorsConvert reflective light intensity to voltage output

Opto electronic Devices with Applications

Opto-electronics is a connectivity between optics and electronics, involving the research, design and manufacturing of a hardware system that transforms electrical energy into light and light through semiconductors into energy. It consists of solid crystalline materials lighter than metals and heavier than isolation system.

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Opto-electronics device is primarily a light-related electronic device. In many opto-electronic applications such as military, telecommunications, automated access control, and medical devices, the system can be identified.

The area of studies encompasses a broad variety of instruments, including LEDs and components, image collectors, displays of information, optical communications systems, optical storages and remote sensing systems, etc. E.g., telecommunication laser, blue laser, optical fibre, LED lamps, photodiodes and solar cells are the examples of optoelectronic equipment.

Opto Electronics | Fiber Optics Technology | Opto electronic Sensors | 6 Types Of Optoelectronics And Its Introduction: What No One Is Talking About

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