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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical engineering is the mother of all engineering disciplines. Mass, motion, force, energy, design, and manufacturing – these comprises the world of mechanical engineering. It encompasses the research, design, development, construction and testing of tools, machines and other mechanical equipment. Education from a proper well recognized university, college or school of engineering is vital for all the mechanical engineers due to the highly technical nature of mechanical engineering. According to the ranking of mechanical engineering universities, the top 10 best universities or colleges for mechanical engineering are MIT, Stanford university, UC Berkeley, University of Cambridge, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Imperial College London, University of Tokyo, ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), University of Oxford and National University of Singapore (NUS).

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Mechanical Engineering

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Introduction to Mechanisms
Mechanisms and Simple Machines
More on Machines and Mechanisms
Basic Kinematics of Constrained Rigid Bodies
Planar Linkages
Other Mechanisms
Engineering Thermodynamics
Fluid Mechanics
Heat Transfer
Machines Kinematics
Strength of Materials
Machine Elements
Machine Design
Finite Elements

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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering-What is It? / What Mechanical Engineers do?

Mechanical engineers design and develop everything you think of as a machine – from supersonic fighter jets to bicycles to toasters. And they influence the design of other products as well – shoes, light bulbs and even doors. Many mechanical engineers specialize in areas such as manufacturing, robotics, automotive/transportation and air conditioning. Others cross over into other disciplines, working on everything from artificial organs to the expanding field of nanotechnology.

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Mechanical Engineering

Mechatronics | Introduction

Mechatronics is a word originated in Japan in 1980s to denote the combination of technologies which go together to produce industrial robots.

A formal definition of Mechatronics is “the synergistic integration of Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Computer technology, and IT to produce or enhance products and systems.’’

Why is mechanical engineering the mother of all engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineering is a broad field of engineering that involves the use of physical principles for analysis, design, manufacture and maintenance of mechanical systems. Traditionally, it has been the branch of engineering that through the application of physical principles has enabled the creation of useful devices, as tools and machines.

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Material Science & Metallurgy

Sintering in Powder Metallurgy | Green Compact | Diffusing

What is sintering in powder metallurgy process?

The operation of heating the green compact at high temperature in a controlled atmosphere (Reducing atmosphere which protects oxidation of metal powders). The Sintering increases the bond between the particles and therefore strengthens a powder metal compact. Sintering temperature and time of sintering depends on the type of powders and the strength required in a final product. The Sintering temperatures usually 0.6 to 0.8 times the melting point of powders.



Some shapes are wider at the bottom than the top. This is called tapering. A tapering shape on its side is a wedge. It can be used to force even giant blocks apart. The great pyramids

A pyramid is a shape that has triangular sides meeting in a point. The great pyramids of Giza in Egypt are tombs for kings (pharaohs) that were built by the Ancient Egyptians over 3000 years ago.



Look at the room you are sitting in. You will see a wide variety of shapes that are strong enough to be pulled, squashed, bent, twisted, hit or dropped.

The walls of your room may be made of building blocks, stacked together. Each block has an oblong or rectangular, shape..

Your body has to be made of strong shapes as well. Feel your arms and legs. They are long and round, similar to rods, or cylinders. Now feel your head. It is round in every direction, roughly ball-shaped or a sphere.

Mechanical Engineering

NDT Weld inspection for Aero Components | NDT Inspection and Testing | Ultrasonic Weld Inspection

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is a method of testing the material’s characteristics such as physical, chemical and structural components to perform their function in a cost effective way. In this, components are examined / evaluated without destroy / damage of the product. NDT tests conducted in the parts aren’t damage the raw materials as such happened in destructive methods and it guaranteeing the safe operation of the parts. NDT is no way alters the components in any type of inspection. NDT is carried out widely for the conditioning monitoring (industrial inspections) of the plants such as aerospace, automobile, manufacturing and construction.