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Mechanical Engineering Interview

This articles is all about Mechanical Engineer Interview Questions with solved examples. This part of mechanical Engineering Interview, manufacturing engineering questions are discussed.   In abrasive water jet machining, as the distance between the nozzle tip and the work surface increases, the material removal rate (A) increases continuously (B) decreases continuously. (C) decreases, becomes stable…

01-Mechanical comprehension reasoning test - free online mechanical aptitude test questions with answers
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Mechanical Comprehension Reasoning Test | Free Online Mechanical Aptitude Test Questions With Answers

Mechanical Comprehension Reasoning Test COMPREHENSION REASONING TEST Need to prepare for Mechanical comprehension reasoning test? Below we mention some sample questions for your reference which may useful in real exams. Comprehension reasoning test improves the student capabilities to assess your understanding and comprehension skills. 1. Device used for holding and guiding the tool in drilling,…

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Magic Trackpad | Mac Book Pro 2018 Force Touch Trackpad

Taptic Engine In older days tiny joysticks are used in Laptop’s which are replaced by touch pad’s. Later touch pad’s with the function of separate mouse buttons feel immense. Already the latest gadgets have multiple fingers at once, Pinch to zoom and scrolling with two fingers. Latest technology adapted to the Apple’s watch, Macbook Pro…

Material Science & Metallurgy

BIS Indian standards for Designation of steels | Designation of steel alloys

Bureau of Indian Standard shortly BIS uses the following designation. Symbolic Letters and Numbers to designate the steel grade (e.g. Mechanical, Physical, and Chemical). The standard IS No. is 7598:1990. Classification of Steel names For the purpose of designation, steels are classified into two types. They are: Group 1 Group 2 Group 1 – According…

Material Science & Metallurgy

Selection of Materials based on Mechanical Properties | How to do a Material Selection

Tags: Material Selection in Machine design, how to do a material selection, material selection basics, material selection by composition, material selection examples, material selection for mechanical design Selection of Materials for a Machine design has a very important component in Machine design. When put into service, different machine elements face different working conditions, which hey…

Machine Design
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Machine Design Viva Question and Answers / Machine Design Interview Q & A For Fresher

Machine Design Viva Question and Answers While designing a parallel sunk key it is assumed that the distribution of force along the length of the key a) Varies linearly b) is uniform throughout c) varies exponentially, being more at the torque input end d) varies exponentially, being less at torque output end Answer: (c) Parallel…

Interview Questions

Interview Questions and Answers – Mechanical Engineering Design, Safety and Maintenance

Related Posts:Reverse Engineering…Factor of Safety, FOSWorld Top 10 Best…Mechanical Engineering…Interview Questions On…Manufacturing… Popular on BlogMech Right Now:Unconventional Machining Process | Non Traditional Manufacturing Process | Modern Machining Methods Modern Machining Processes: In the past two decades some ultra hard and difficult to process of metals and alloys are… Manufacturing And Design Defects | Manufacturing Defect…

Automobile Engineering

construction and working of a torque convertor in an automobile | torque convertor a type of fluid coupling

construction and working of a torque convertor in an automobile Torque converter an Alternate to Gear Box Torque converter is a type of fluid coupling that uses a fluid to transmit turning effort from the one shaft to another. It is a device which performs a function similar to that of a gear box, namely,…

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Construction and Working of Piston-less Pump | Piston-less Pumps in Aerospace Technology

Construction and Working of Piston-less Pump Tags: Pump Chamber, Construction and Working of Piston-less pump, Piston-less pumps in Aerospace, Latest Spacecraft Technology Piston-less pump, How does a Piston-less pump works, Spaceship Propulsion, New Space Travel Technology In-space propulsion systems generally use pressure fed systems that drive up tank cost, mass, limit engine performance and design…

1b8c8 01 construction and working of a fluid coupilng how does a fluid fly wheel works advantages of fluid fly wheel of an automobile Automobile Engineering fluid flywheel
Automobile Engineering

fluid flywheel of an automobile | construction and working of fluid coupling of an automobile

Fluid flywheel or fluid coupling A liquid coupling is used to transmit engine turning effort (torque) to a clutch and transmission. The coupling is always a major part of the engine flywheel assembly. As such it is sometime called a fluid flywheel. Construction of flywheel The fluid flywheel details can be seen in the picture….

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Automobile Engineering

Brake Performance Test of an Automobile | Brake Service Laws and Regulations World Wide

Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics Brake Performance Test of an Automobile The brake performance test of FMVSS 105 defines the minimum needs for the brake system on any vehicle driven on the road. The technician should know a bit about the performance test, not for the sake of being able to quote government regulations. Parts…