f9031 01 fuel injection system jerk pump injection system advantages of new Fuel Injection System Automobile Engineering mechanical fuel injection
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Mechanical Fuel Injection Systems | Jerk Fuel Injection System | Distributor Fuel Injection System | Constant Pressure Common Rail System

Mechanical fuel injection systems In the year of 1927 Bosch brought the first mechanical hydraulicfuel injection system for truck diesel engines. This made diesel engines familiar among people. In1932 the complete fuel system consisting of nozzle holder assembly, nozzle, filter system was introduced. Jerk pump injection system The jerk pump controlled system has a single…

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Hybrid Drive Trains | Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid Drive Trains Hybrid vehicles The term Hybrid drive denotes such vehicle drives with more than one drive source. Hybrid drives can incorporate several similar or dissimilar types of energy stores and/or power converters. The goal of the hybrid drive developments is to combine different drive components, such that the advantages of each are utilized…

b182e 01 heat treatment process process of heat treatment ANNEALING PROCESS Material Science & Metallurgy heat treatment
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Heat Treatment | Purpose of Heat Treatment

HEAT TREATMENT The strength toughness of the base material are determined by its chemical composition and the heat treatment it undergoes. Low carbon steel is easily available and cheap having all material properties that are acceptable for many applications. Low carbon steel contains carbon contain of 0.15% to 0.45%. Heat treatment on low carbon steel…

88489 01 plunger type injection moulding type of injection moulding Injection Moulding Process Manufacturing Engineering injection moulding
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Injection Moulding Process | Types of Injection Moulding Process

INJECTION MOULDING WORKING PRINCIPLE Injection moulding process is generally used to achieve high speed moulding of thermo plastic. It works on the principle that the molten thermo plastic is injected into a mould and a high pressure is applied the desired shape is obtained. Plunger system is used for achieving high pressure. OPERATION The material…

01 - thermoplastic - Cellulose acetate
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Thermo Plastics | Types of Thermo Plastics | Types of Cellulose Derivatives | Types of Synthetic Resins

Thermo plastics These kinds of plastics have long separate and large molecules arranged side by side. The various types of thermoplastics are discussed below. Cellulose derivatives Cellulose nitrate is generally obtained by treating the cellulose with a mixture of nitric acid and sulphuric acid. It has high toughness, good resistance to moisture and it is…

16f67 01 electron beam welding types of welding different types of welding Manufacturing Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering

Electron Beam Welding | Friction Welding | Diffusion Welding

ELECTRON BEAM WELDING Principle Beam of electron is used for producing high temperatures and melting the work piece to be welded. Working When tungsten filament is electrically heated in vacuum, it will emit the electrons. These electrons carry a negative charge which is passed through the anode hole. The electron beam is focused by the…

a6c78 01 thermosetting plastics phenol formaldehyde Alkyds Material Science & Metallurgy thermosetting plastics
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Thermosetting Plastics | Various Types of Thermosetting Plastics

Thermosetting Plastics The plastic which are hardened by the heating is called as thermo setting plastic. this heating reaction is non-reversible. The molecules of this type of plastic have a very strong binding force. The raw material for these kinds of plastics is available in liquid or solid form. These types of plastics consume more…

86d99 01 plasma arc welding types of welding process advantages of Plasma arc welding Manufacturing Engineering plasma arc welding
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Plasma Arc Welding | Transferred Type Plasma Arc Welding | Non-transferred Type Plasma Arc Welding

Plasma arc welding Principle Plasma is nothing but a high temperature ionized gas. It is generally a mixture of positively charged atoms and neutral charged atoms and free elements. When this high temperature plasma is passed through the orifice, the proportion of the ionized gas is increased and the plasma arc welding is formed. Working…

ac285 01 drop forging types of forging process application of forging process. Manufacturing Engineering forging process
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Forging Process | Types of Forging

FORGING PROCESS In this process the desired shape is obtained by the application of a compressive force over the metal. In hot forging process the metal is heated above the recrystallization temperature. This hot metal is then compressed to the desired shape using hammer or press tool. There are three types of forging process. ·…

a5b78 01 thermit welding types of welding process laser beam welding process Laser Machining thermit welding process
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Thermit Welding Process | Laser Beam Welding Process

THERMIT WELDING Welding the parts by using liquid Thermit steel around the portion to be welded is called Thermit welding. this is a type of fusion welding process. In this process, neither arc is produced to heat parts nor flames are used. high temperature is being obtained by the usage of the exothermic reaction. Welding…