SolidWorks COSMOS Applications | COSMOS Works Aerospace Applications | COSMOS Works Automotive Applications

Aerospace Application:


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SolidWorks COSMOS has been used in the aerospace industry for wide ranging applications involving kinematic analysis, Finite element analysis and Fluid flow computation.

Some of the capabilities include:

  • Shock and vibration calculations
  • Durability and Fatigue Life Estimation
  • Modal Analysis and Frequency response calculations
  • Weight Reduction and Shape Optimization
  • Force estimations in actuators, mechanisms and complex mechanical devices
  • Cooling and Thermal Management of Avionics
  • Structural Strength and Buckling Calculations

Automotive Applications:


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Being an affordable FEA solution, SolidWorks COSMOS has been well received by the automotive industry for system level as well as component level analysis involving critical design function on one side and aggressive cost / Weight targets on the other. To be globally competitive, the automotive suppliers have chosen COSMOS to improve reliability, eliminate field failures, optimize designs and enhance efficiency very easily.

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Specific capabilities include the following:

  • Strength, Durability, Factor of Safety & Stiffness calculations for Body-in-White, Trim body, Chassis aggregates.
  • Frequency response for multi source excitations including Random response
  • Response to Fixed and Variable frequency excitations with specified accelerations for engine and body mounted sub systems.
  • Fatigue and Life prediction calculations
  • Thermal Management of braking and exhaust systems
  • Evaluation of alternate materials to satisfy functional requirements
  • Fluid flow in sub systems such as Fans, Radiator, Centrifugal pumps and Turbo Chargers
  • Thermal and Airflow management of engine electronics
  • Analysis to test correlations of strains, frequencies, mode-shapes, temperature, displacement, velocities and accelerations.
  • Full vehicle simulation of vehicles, buses, trucks, Utility vehicles, loaders, trailers among others

SolidWorks / COSMOS Design Simulation Software | Design Validation By SolidWorks COSMOS Simulation | Engineering Design Challenges

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Design Validation:

  • Accelerate new product development
  • Switch to alternate or cheaper material
  • Reduce Prototyping costs
  • Improve product quality and performance
  • Enhance reliability

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Responding To Design Challenges:

  • Improve complex product designs
    • Enhanced function and performance
    • Meet product specification and / or regulation

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  • Reduce Re-Design
    • Design right first time
    • Weight and shape optimization
  • Early problem detection and correction
    • Avoid field failures
    • Study alternative designs
  • Greater product quality
    • Efficient and reliable
    • Reduced liability

CAE Solutions:

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  • Development of indigenous technologies and products
  • Enumeration of methods for Analysis to test correlations
  • Procedure for Failure mode and Prediction and Life Calculations
  • Value Addition and Value Engineering (VAVE)
  • Reduction in Cost and Product development time
  • Elimination of Performance problems
  • Improvement in performance efficiency

COSMOS Salient Features:

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  • Theory in Finite Element Analysis including procedure for performing FEA
  • Practical solution to complex problems involving multi-domain interaction
  • Correlation to real world problems and phenomena
  • Advanced training on Fatigue, Non-Linear FEA and Vibrations

Why COSMOS for Design Validation:

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  • CAD Integrated Design validation
  • Easy to use and Shorter Learning Curve
  • Evaluate multiple Design scenarios in one stroke
  • Integrated Kinematic Analysis using Cosmos Motion
  • Seamless transfer of loading from COSMOS Motion to COSMOS  Works for FEA
  • Multi Domain Analysis in Integrated CAD Environment

SolidWorks / COSMOS Simulation benefits:

  • Easy-to-Use Simulation toolset – Enables designers to concentrate on designs not tools
  • Automatic Report Generation
  • Multiple configurations of designs can be studied automatically – enables Design of Experiments
  • Unlimited Model size – limited only by Computational resources
  • True Contact simulation for accurate load transfer
  • Sensors and Probes to compare results with Real-World Test Data
  • Fast, Accurate and Reliable – Backed by almost 3 Decades of experience