4269b 01 drill tool nomenclature parts of a drill bit Chisel edge angle of a drill tool Manufacturing Engineering drill tool nomenclature
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Drill Tool Nomenclature | Parts of a Drill Tool

DRILL TOOL NOMENCLATURE A drill or twist drill is a grooved end-cutting tool used for manufacturing holes in firm material. It basically consists of two parts. · The body consisting of the cutting edges, and · The shank used for holding purposes. The various parts and angle of the twist drill are shown below Body…

1c642 01 chemical machining process unconventional machining process Chemical Machining Process Unconventional Machining Process Chemical Machining process
Unconventional Machining Process

Chemical Machining Process | Electro Chemical Machining Process

CHEMICAL MACHINING In chemical machining, some chemicals are used to remove material from the required portions of the workpiece. This process is also called chemical milling. Chemical milling is done in the following steps. Cleaning The workpiece surface is carefully cleaned. Masking The portions of the workpiece which do not require machiningis covered with masking…

f3cf3 01 working of ecg unconventional machining process advantages of Electro chemical grinding. Non Traditional Machining Process Electro chemical grinding
Non Traditional Machining Process

Electro Chemical Grinding | Non-Traditional Machining Process

Electro Chemical Grinding (ECG) Electro chemical grinding is also called electrolytic grinding. Metal is removed from the surface of the work piece by electro chemical action and also by abrasive action of a grinding wheel. 90% of metal is removed by electro chemical action and 10% of metal is removed by the abrasive action of…

424c7 01 plasma arc machining unconventional machining procss Laser Beam Machining Laser Machining Plasma arc machining
Laser Machining

Plasma Arc Machining | Laser Beam Machining

Plasma arc machining When a free flowing gas is heated to a very high temperature it becomes partially ionized. This ionized gas is called as plasma. In this process metal is removed from the surface of the work piece with the help of high temperature plasma. Metal is also moved as a result of electron…

1d14b 01 horizontal honing process honing machine Honing Process Manufacturing Engineering honing process
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Honing Process | Types of Honing Machines

Honing process It is an abrasive process used for finishing previously machined surface. It is generally used for finishing drilled or bored holes. The tool used in this process is called as hone. Hone is a bonded abrasive stone made in the form of a stick. The honing tool works the same way as that…

15f07 01 horizontal broaching machine type of broaching machine Continuous broaching machines Manufacturing Engineering Broaching machines
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Types of Broaching Machines | Different Methods of Broaching

Types of Broaching Machines Horizontal broaching machine In this machine, the broach moves in a horizontal direction. A pull type broach is used. The pull type broach removes metal when it is pulled through the work piece. Internal and external broaching are done in this machine. But horizontal broaching machine is mainly used for internal…

03cc2 01 elements of jig structure of a jig advantages of a jig Manufacturing Engineering Elements of JIG
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Elements of Jig | Parts of a Jig

Definition of Jig Jig is a device that firmly holds and locates work piece and also guides cutting tool during machining. Elements of Jig Jig body This is also called base. It supports work piece by locators and clamps. The base is fitted with four feet which rest on the machine table. Jig feet Jig…

8022f 01 turbo jet engine jet propulsion system advantages of turbo-jet engine Jet propulsion Turbo jet engines
Jet propulsion

Turbo-jet engines | Jet Propulsion System

Jet propulsion Jet propulsion is based on newton’s second law and third law of motion. Newton’s second law states that the rate of change of momentum in any direction is proportional to the force acting in that direction. Newton’s third law of motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction….