049f8 01 why computers are involved in numerical control CNC concepts CNCMachines Numerical Control

Numerical Control Making A New Technology | Why Computers Are Involved In Numerical Control

Why Computers are involved in NC One method, which is quite elaborate, for translating and storing in-formation on a tape is as follows. Using a special language, which consists of numbers and a limited number of words having no more than six letters, the person doing the programming writes the instructions for a complete cycle….

267c0 01 hand lay up process for composites composite fabrication process composite moulding techniques Composites Manufacturing Methods of Composite Materials

Manufacturing Methods Of Composite Materials | Composite Processing Methods

Reinforced Composite materials moulding methods The use of fibre materials to reinforce plastics is widespread. Injection moulded parts such as water tanks, helmets, trays, ducts etc., In such application the reinforcing material is normally in the form of short rovings (Definition: rovings are long and narrow fibre), mixed with and injected with the carrier material….

4b287 01 hydrogen fuel cell development latest trends fuel cell development fuel cell design Renewable Energy Future of Hydrogen Fuel cell
Renewable Energy

Future Of Fuel Cells | Hydrogen Production

Future of Hydrogen Fuel cell oil powered cars extract hydrogen from water Hydrogen Energy is alternative name for Fuel Cell. It’s a future renewable energy technology. Hydrogen (H element) usually called as the perfect fuel. It is a significant reserve on earth (Ex. Water) and it is exhaustible. The utilization of hydrogen is compatible with nature,…

2e5f0 01 list of mechanical measuring instruments metrology measrements dimension measuring instruments Measurements and Controls dimensional measuring instruments
Measurements and Controls

Displacement And Dimensional Measurements In Metrology | Mechanical Linear Measuring Instruments

Dimensional Measurement techniques Measurement of length, diameter, height and thickness of an object are commonly needed in connection with the production and assembly of machine parts, and testing of materials, components and structures. Dimensional measurements refer to the determination of the size of the object, while, displacement measurement implies movement of a point from one…

d0f55 01 unconventional machining process modern manufacturing process high speed machining Non Traditional Machining Process Unconventional Machining Process
Non Traditional Machining Process

Unconventional Machining Process | Non Traditional Manufacturing Process | Modern Machining Methods

Modern Machining Processes: In the past two decades some ultra hard and difficult to process of metals and alloys are not easy to manufacture, but continuous research on this field will produce rapid growth in this modern machining technology. The concept of material removal by Conventional edged tool machining is uneconomical for such harder and…

74abf 01 basic flat plate collector parts of flat plate collector application of flat plate collector Renewable Energy Flat Plate Collectors
Renewable Energy

Flat Plate Collectors | Flat Plate Heat Exchanger | Solar Thermal Collectors

Introduction to Flat Plate Collectors: Flat-plate collectors are a very helpful device for low to medium temperature heat collection from the sun. They can be used for a lot of uses including a variety of thermal desalting process from low to medium capacities. Flat-plate collectors enclose simple characteristics: they are simply assembled, and effortlessly operated….

c16f3 01 ndt gas porosity in welding welding defects NDT in Weld Process Monitoring Non Destructive Testing And Destructive Testing Methods NDT Weld
Non Destructive Testing And Destructive Testing Methods

NDT In Weld Process Monitoring | Weld Quality Testing | NDT Welding Test

Defects in Welding 1. Porosity: Gas porosity get to be visible as round or stretched insubstantial shady spots, occurring separately or in bunches or scattered all through the casting. This is caused by gas formation during solidification by evaporation of moisture or unstable material from the mold surface. Insufficient core baking, venting or capture of…

454c8 01 gas porosity in castings Casting Quality Test Methods Non Destructive Testing And Destructive Testing Methods NDT Testing
Non Destructive Testing And Destructive Testing Methods

NDT X Ray Testing | NDT Radiographic Testing | Radiography Test For Casting

Interpretation of Casting Radiographs Castings are made of different metals and by various methods. Sand molded castings often have more surface irregularities than casting produced by metal mold and investment methods. Knowledge of various casting processes and casting defects helps effective radiographic evaluation. The major defects in castings and weldments are given below: 1. Gas…

Fuel Cell

What Is Fuel Cell Technology | Fuel Cells Pros And Cons

Introduction to Fuel Cell A fuel cell is an electrochemical mechanism that produces power without combustion by joining hydrogen and oxygen to generate water and heat. The voltage created by a single cell is typically rather small (< 1 volt), so many cells are connected in series to create a useful voltage. Hydrogen fuel cells…

8ca1a 01 edmond becquerel photovoltaic effect setup first photo electricity generation method first solar history Solar Energy Solar cell history
Solar Energy

Solar Cell History | Timeline Of Solar Cells

Mankind has been harnessing the energy of the sun since the seventh century B.C. The sun’s rays shower the earth’s surface and humans have been using them to satisfy their energy needs. Each hour of sunshine theoretically will contribute to satisfy the globe’s energy demand per annum. The ancient civilizations particularly, Rome and Greece demonstrated…

7be2c 01 egyptian ruler amenkotep iii sounding statues first solar history Solar Energy History of Solar Energy
Solar Energy

History Of Solar Energy | Solar Thermal History

The sun has made energy for billions of years.  Solar energy is that the sun’s rays (solar radiation) that reach the world. Solar power technology isn’t new. Solar energy history spans from early mankind’s to nowadays. Solar energy is employed everywhere in the planet in several aspects. Solar Energy is a renewable source because it…