Dampers | Suspension Dampers

74dda 01 dampers damper principle arrangements of dampers Automobile Engineering suspension dampers

Dampers In a vehicle suspension system, springs alone are not satisfactory and sufficient. It must be remembered that the spring characteristics must be compromise between flexibility and stiffness. In must be flexible so that if can absorb road shocks. But if it is too flexible, it will flex and rebound excessively and repeatedly, giving a rough ride. A stiff spring

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The Hotchkiss Drive | Torque Tube Drive

8924f 01 drive systems hotchkiss drive assembly of drive systems. Automobile Engineering hotchkiss drive

Hotchkiss drive The Hotchkiss drive is the simplest of the drive systems and is the most widely used. The arrangement of the parts can be seen in the picture. The suspension spring are bolted rigidly to the rear axle casing. The front ends of the springs are pivoted on pins. These pins are carried in brackets bolted to the vehicle

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Properties of Lubricants | Purposes of Lubrication

e6f06 01 properties of lubricant viscosity Corrosiveness of lubricant Automobile Engineering properties of lubricants

Properties of lubricants The essential properties of lubricants are given below. Viscosity: Viscosity of lubricant is the resistance offered by it to the deforming stress i.e., it is the resistance offered to the flow of the lubricant. Viscosity of the oil decreases with the increase in temperature. Viscosity of the lubricating oil should not go down below a certain specified

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Types of Live Rear Axles | Semi Floating Axle | Three Quarter Floating Axle | Full Floating Axle

39c94 01 types of axles semifloating components of various types of axles. Automobile Engineering live rear axles

Types of live rear axles There are three types of live rear axles: Semifloating, three quarter floating and full floating. Let us see the details of these. Semi floating axle: The semifloating rear axle is shown in the diagram The short rear axle shaft inner end is supported only be the differential side gear. The differential case carries the inner

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Power Transmission to the Wheels | Types of Power Transmission to the Wheels

d48d4 01 types of wheel drives front engine rear wheel drive Four Wheel drive Automobile Engineering power transmission wheel drive

Power transmission to the wheels There are different arrangements by which engine power is transmitted to the wheels. The usual arrangements and the variations in the arrangements are explained in detail below. 1. Front engine – rear wheel drive Most of the vehicles are having this arrangement. In this case the engine power is transmitted to the vehicle rear wheels

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Fuel Feed System of Carburetor Engines | Carburetor Fuel Feed System

b1980 01 carburetor parts fuel feed system of carburetor engines Carburetor Fuel Feed System Automobile Engineering Carburetor fuel feed system

Carburetor: Carburetion is the process of measuring, mixing and supplying to a spark ignition engine continuously a suitable combustible mixture of fuel and air. This mixture supply must be in accordance with the engine speed and load requirements. The carburetor supplies this mixture to an engine. The carburetor consists basically of a float chamber and a metering cum mixing chamber.

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Valve Timing Diagram | Valve Timing Diagram for Four-Stroke Petrol Engine | Valve Timing Diagram for Four-Stroke Diesel Engine

2a37d 01 valve timing diagram for four stroke petrol engine valve timing diagram how to draw valve timing diagram Automobile Engineering valve timing diagrams

            We consider that the valves open and close at the dead centre positions of the piston. But, in actual practice they do not open and close instantaneously at dead centres. The valves operate some degrees before or after the dead centres. The ignition is also timed to occur a little before the top dead centre. The timings of these

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Parts of Tyre | Structure of a Tyre

e1140 01 structure of a tyre parts of a tyre Bead of a Tyre Automobile Engineering Parts of tyre

Parts of tyre The tyre is made of many different parts that are moulded together to form the complete structure. The parts are built up, one at a time on a collapsible drum. The components of a tyre in the order of assembly are as follows: 1. Liner                              4. Tread layer. 2. Cords and plies.           5. Side walls. 3. Beads

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Choking Device | Functions of Choking Device

1df36 01 choke valve carburetor Choking device Automobile Engineering choking device

Choking device Starting an engine in cold weather is somewhat difficult. Choking device makes engine starting easier. The choke valve is butterfly valve, similar to the throttle valve. This valve is situated between the air intake and the venture. At the time of starting, the choke valve is turned to close almost the inlet passage. This is called choking. Then,

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Propeller Shaft | Functions of the Propeller Shaft

a2763 01 propeller shaft layot of four wheeler components of of the propeller shaft Automobile Engineering propeller shaft

Propeller shaft The propeller shaft connects the transmission shaft to the pinion shaft at the wheel axle. The propeller shaft is also called driveline shaft or drive shaft. The propeller shaft carries the power from the engine, clutch and transmission unit to the driving wheels of the vehicle, through the final drive and differential unit. Functions of the propeller shaft

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