Trolley Crane Design | Trolley For Material Handling | Trolley Mechanism


Trolley Crane Mechanism for Material Handling The lifting crab of an EOT crane is an independent two motion machine and consists of the hoist machinery built onto a frame, which is mounted on runner wheels, and driven by a motor through suitable gearing. The crab is also known as a trolley. Various designs of crabs, arranged with C.I. side frames,

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Material Handling Design | Design Of Cranes | Design Of Crane Hook | Design Of Crane Girders | Design Of Crane Columns


Crane Parts Overview and Design of Cranes: A crane is a mechanical lifting device equipped with chains, wire ropes etc. In this article we will see the crane parts design overview and the essential parts of the crane designs. The Design of crane parameters are: Maximum Load Span of the crane Height from Floor to Gantry Rail Level Class of

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Electric Overhead Travelling Crane | EOT Crane | EOT Crane Parts


EOT Crane: The most adaptable and the most widely used type of power driven crane for indoor service is undoubtedly the three motion EOT crane. It serves a larger area of floor space within its own travelling restrictions than any other permanent type hoisting arrangement. As the name implies, this type of crane is provided with movement above the floor

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Classification Of Material Handling Equipment | Types Of Material Handling Equipment Loads

Classification of Material Handling Equipment, Classes of Material Handling Equipment, Types of Material Handling Equipment

Classification / Classes / Types of Material Handling Equipment: Bases on Design features and operational characteristics, material handling equipment may be broadly classified as: Hoisting Equipments: It constitute a group of equipment which are employed mainly for lifting or lowering of unit load or piece goods in batches. This group of (Classification of Material Handling) equipment can be further sub

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Material Handling Of Materials | Material Handling System | Material Handling Equipment

Material handling system, Material handling equipment, Automated logistics system

Material Handling system and equipment’s: In any production system, (either industrial/ Agricultural), the producer is always confronted with a problem of the material handling system and equipment’s. The necessary raw material has to be transported to the production site or machinery, and after the completion of the production processes the finished goods have to be transported from the production site

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Durability Analysis | Application Of Durability Analysis In Automotive, Aerospace and Wind Turbines


Durability Analysis Durability analysis involves defect characterization, crack initiation and propagation mechanisms, and long term performance prediction. Durability analysis enables them to identify such points at a very early stage. Such tests can analysis and improve the structural and cyclic strength of a design. Automotive Durability Analysis Design more reliable transmissions, drivelines and axles View the whole gearbox as an interacting

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NVH | Noise Vibration And Harshness | NVH Basics | NVH Analysis | Noise Vibration And Harshness Introduction


Introduction to NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness): NVH stands for Noise vibration and harshness is the study and modification of the noise and vibration characteristics of vehicles, particularly cars and trucks. NVH “noise, vibration, harshness” plays a role in many different areas, from washing machines and lawnmowers to motor vehicles, aircraft, wind turbines, etc. Every object that moves or is

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Thermoforming Materials | Vacuum Forming Materials | Pressure Forming Materials


Thermoforming Materials: Thermoforming is a manufacturing process where a plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature, formed to a specific shape in a mold, and trimmed to create a usable product. There is a wide range of thermoforming materials that provide just the right properties for your plastic formed product, and each material has physical characteristics that make it suitable

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Pressure Forming | Pressure Thermoforming | Blow Forming

Pressure forming process, Positive molds, Advantages of pressure forming over thermoforming

Pressure Forming process: The pressure Forming is the process used to produce injection mold quality, high definition plastic component parts, housings and containers without the huge expense of tooling. It involves positive pressure to force the heated plastic into the mold cavity. This is called pressure thermoforming or blow forming. Pressure Forming Working Operation: The highly versatile pressure forming process

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Twin Sheet Forming | Twin Sheet Thermoforming | Twin Sheet Vacuum Forming

Twin sheet thermoforming, Double sided panel, Custom plastic parts

Twin sheet thermoforming has advantages over other methods of thermoforming and other plastics manufacturing processes depending on the part and its use. Has a lower tooling cost – about 20-30% less than blow molding Yields parts with high structural integrity and rigidity compared to single walled thermoforming Allows for an enclosed cavity Can include various internal reinforcements, including structural elements

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