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3D Bio Printing | How does 3D Bioprinting Work | New 3D Bioprinting Organs

3D Bio printing is an additive manufacturing processing technique that incorporates bio materials such as cells and growth factors to build tissues that resemble natural tissue-like structures. In order to build these structures layer by layer, the process uses a material called bioink. The technique applies significantly in the medical and biotechnological fields. Recently, the…

Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing Polymer Materials | Mechanical Characterization of 3D-Printed Polymers

3D Printing Polymer Materials in Industries While selecting a product to print a specific component, a close consideration is essential. Whilst the number of commercial usable polymers are accessible, not a single polymer offers one the required properties for a particular application. Moreover, no specific polymer present on the market can be printed using a…

Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing Technologies | FDM 3D Printing | Stereolithography Printers

3D Printing Technologies Some of the 3D Printing Technologies are mentioned below. For quick prototyping, creative components, and the development of jigs and fixtures, companies such as Ford, Volvo, and BMW currently use 3D printing. Mercedes-Benz is going to be leading this market, with over 100,000 printed prototypes created annually. Recent forecasts for the global…

Rapid Prototyping

Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing | Additive Manufacturing Applications | 7 Steps to Design aN Additive Manufacturing Product to Improve cost Efficiency

Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing an Additive Manufacturing technique Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing technology, often described as additive manufacturing, focuses on the methods used to produce a 3D object, wherein the material layers are successively laid to construct a solid part under a computer-controlled programme. Additive Manufacturing (AM) is really an evolving 3D printing technique that…

noise and its types - NVH Harshness - NVH Noise car
Noise Vibration and Harshness

What Is NVH | NVH Noise | NVH Vibration | NVH Harshness | Noise And Vibration Theory | NVH Basics

NVH Noise, Vibration and Harshness NVH Noise, vibration and harshness, also known as noise and vibration, abbreviated to NVH and N&V respectively, is the name given to the field of measuring and modifying the noise and vibration characteristics of vehicles, particularly cars and trucks. Noise: Noise is defined as any unpleasant or unexpected sound created by a vibrating object. Vibration: Vibration is defined as any…

Design of crane - double-girder-eot-cranes-bridge-crab-hoisting-machinery-set-gantry-girder-rail-on-the-bridge
Crane Design

Material Handling Design | Design Of Cranes | Design Of Crane Hook | Design Of Crane Girders | Design Of Crane Columns

Crane Parts Overview and Design of Crane: A crane is a mechanical lifting device equipped with chains, wire ropes etc. In this article we will see the design of crane parts overview and the essential parts of the crane designs. The Design of crane parameters are: Maximum Load Span of the crane Height from Floor…

EOT Crane

Electric Overhead Travelling Crane | EOT Crane | EOT Crane Parts

EOT Crane: The most adaptable and the most widely used type of power driven crane for indoor service is undoubtedly the three motion EOT crane. It serves a larger area of floor space within its own travelling restrictions than any other permanent type hoisting arrangement. With a hoist that is fixed to a trolley, cranes…

Classification of Material Handling Equipment, Classes of Material Handling Equipment, Types of Material Handling Equipment
Material Handling

Classification Of Material Handling Equipment | Types Of Material Handling Equipment Loads

Classification / Classes / Types of Material Handling Equipment: Bases on Design features and operational characteristics, material handling equipment may be broadly classified as: Hoisting Equipments: It constitute a group of equipment which are employed mainly for lifting or lowering of unit load or piece goods in batches. This group of (Classification of Material Handling)…

Material handling system, Material handling equipment, Automated logistics system
Material Handling

Material Handling Of Materials | 15 Surprising Stats About Material Handling System | The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling system and equipment’s: Material handling systems have become one of the essential elements of any production system. First, we will research the various types of materials handling systems in operation. Afterwards, we shall choose a typical kind of Material Handling system, example, a conveyor to see how a conveyor system is designed for a factory. In…