Types of Ignition System | Battery and Magneto Ignition System

d0fca 01 battery ignition system circuit of coil ignition system Battery Ignition System Automobile Engineering Ignition Systems

Battery or coil ignition system          Most of the modern spark ignition engines use battery ignition system. The system consists of the following constituents: · Battery · Ignition switch. · Induction coil. · Circuit / contact breaker. · Condenser. · Distributor.       One terminal of the battery is ground to the frame of the engine, and other is connected through

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3 Types of Quick Return Mechanism | Effortless Mechanism in Shaper Machine

hydraulic mechanism - quick return mechanism

TYPES OF QUICK RETURN MECHANISM There are three types of quick return mechanism 1. Hydraulic drive 2. Crank and slotted link mechanism 3. Whitworth mechanism A quick return mechanism is a mechanism which produces a reciprocal effect so that the system takes less time in the return stroke while comparing with forward stroke. In the quick-return mechanism, a circular movement

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Types of Chips | Chips That are Formed During Machining

f751f 01 types of chip chip formation chips formed during machining Manufacturing Engineering Types of Chips

TYPES OF CHIPS There are three types of chips: 1. CONTINUOUS CHIP During cutting of ductile materials, a continuous chip is produced due to the presence of tool cutting edge in compression and shear. These types of chip are in the form of long coil and have the same thickness throughout the length. This type of chip is required, since

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Ultrasonic Machining Process | Application of Ultrasonic in Industries

db1fc 01 ultrasonic drilling process use of ultrasonic in metal cutting process Application of Ultrasonic in Industries Manufacturing Engineering Ultrasonic machining process

ULTRASONIC DRILLING PROCESS        Ultrasonic waves are used for making holes in very hard materials (eg. glass, diamond). a powerful ultrasonic generator is fitted with a drill bit and used for this purpose.        A thin fluidic paste of carborundum powder and water is made to flow between the drill bit and plate in which the hole is to be

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Drilling Machine Operations | Functions of a Drilling Machine

490ef 01 process of drilling drilling operations boring operation Manufacturing Engineering Drilling machine operations

DRILLING OPERATIONS Drilling            Drilling is the operation of cutting a round hole by a rotating tool called drill. Before the process of drilling, the center of the hole is positioned on the work piece. Two lines at right angles to each other are drawn. A center punch is used to mark the center point at the meeting of two

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Application of Laser in Mechanical Engineering | Laser Heat Treatment Process | Laser Metal Cutting and Joining Process

fb848 01 laser surface alloying use of laser in mechanical advantages of laser in metal treatment Laser Machining Application of LASER

      Process involving heating and cooling under the controlled conditions of a material to obtain certain desirable properties is known as heat treatment. 1. Laser surface alloying        The different types of heat treatment process using laser are shown in the picture. In the process of annealing there is no zone affected by the heat and melting takes place only

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Single Spindle Automatic Lathe | Construction and Working of Single Spindle Automatic Lathe

157a6 01 single spindle automatic lathe parts of automatic lathe advantages of automatic lathe Manufacturing Engineering Single spindle automatic Lathe

SINGLE SPINDLE AUTOMATIC LATHES A single spindle automatic lathe is a modified form of turret lathe. These machines have an addition to a 6-station turret, a maximum of 4 cross slides. These cross slides are operated by disc cams. The cams are mounted on a shaft which draws the power from the main spindle through a set of gears called

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Planner Machine | Parts of a Planer Machine

b488f 01 parts of double housing planner components of double housing planer components of planer machine Manufacturing Engineering Planner Machine

INTRODUCTION       In Planner, the work piece mounted on the table reciprocates but the tool is stationary. A single point cutting tool is used for machining the work surface. This tool is always positioned vertically the tool holder which moves on a cross-rail while feeding. Planer is mainly used for machining large and heavy work pieces. The machined surface may

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CNC Coordinate System | Cartesian Coordinate System

f3c05 01 cnc milling axis cartesian coordinate system absolute coordinate system cnc CNCMachines CNC coordinate system

CNC machines Axis: The real parts of a CNC program involves the input of co-ordinates of the tool endpoint to produce any machining profile, subsequently it is necessary to follow a proper co-ordinate system. Cartesian Co-ordinate System: All the machine tools make use of the Cartesian coordinate system for the purpose of simplicity. The guiding coordinate system followed for assigning

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Principle Parts of a Shaper Machine | Shaper Machine Mechanism

36011 01 parts of shaper machine shaper machine components of a shaper Manufacturing Engineering shaper machine

PRINCIPLE PARTS OF SHAPER The different parts of a shaper are given and described below. Base         The base is a heavy and robust in construction which is made of cast iron by casting process. It is the only part to support all other parts because all parts are mounted on the top of this base. So, it should be

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