NDT X Ray Testing | NDT Radiographic Testing | Radiography Test For Casting

454c8 01 gas porosity in castings Casting Quality Test Methods Non Destructive Testing And Destructive Testing Methods NDT Testing

Interpretation of Casting Radiographs Castings are made of different metals and by various methods. Sand molded castings often have more surface irregularities than casting produced by metal mold and investment methods. Knowledge of various casting processes and casting defects helps effective radiographic evaluation. The major defects in castings and weldments are given below: 1. Gas porosity become visible as round

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What Is Fuel Cell Technology | Fuel Cells Pros And Cons

Introduction to Fuel Cell A fuel cell is an electrochemical mechanism that produces power without combustion by joining hydrogen and oxygen to generate water and heat. The voltage created by a single cell is typically rather small (< 1 volt), so many cells are connected in series to create a useful voltage. Hydrogen fuel cells are feasible to modernize the

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Solar Cell History | Timeline Of Solar Cells

8ca1a 01 edmond becquerel photovoltaic effect setup first photo electricity generation method first solar history Solar Energy Solar cell history

Mankind has been harnessing the energy of the sun since the seventh century B.C. The sun’s rays shower the earth’s surface and humans have been using them to satisfy their energy needs. Each hour of sunshine theoretically will contribute to satisfy the globe’s energy demand per annum. The ancient civilizations particularly, Rome and Greece demonstrated their initial documented use of

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History Of Solar Energy | Solar Thermal History

7be2c 01 egyptian ruler amenkotep iii sounding statues first solar history Solar Energy History of Solar Energy

The sun has made energy for billions of years.  Solar energy is that the sun’s rays (solar radiation) that reach the world. Solar power technology isn’t new. Solar energy history spans from early mankind’s to nowadays. Solar energy is employed everywhere in the planet in several aspects. Solar Energy is a renewable source because it isn’t made of fossil fuels

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Ultrasonic Welding Process| Ultrasonic Welding Design Guide | How Ultrasonic Welding Works

b7bba 01 ultrasonic welding process how to weld plastic Manufacturing Engineering Ultrasonic Welding

Making of Ultrasonic Weld: Although the theoretical method of manufacturing an ultrasonic weld is uncomplicated, the interactions of the varied weld parameters are vital and may be understood. When manufacturing an ultrasonic weld, there are 3 primary variables that interact; They are: • TIME the period of applied ultrasonic vibration • AMPLITUDE the longitudinal displacement of the vibration • FORCE

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Ultrasonic Welding Machine | Ultrasonic Plastic Welding | Ultrasonic Welding Basics

7d3e6 01 ultrasonic welding machine ultrasonic spot weld ultrasonic welding of plastics high frequency welding Manufacturing Engineering Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Ultrasonic Welding: Ultrasonic welding is represented as a friction welding method, where oxides and other contaminants present on the material surfaces are broken up and also the components to be welded are brought together under simultaneous pressure. Molecular bonding, just like the conventional cold-press welding, then takes place. Ultrasonic welding is the conversion of high frequency electrical energy into high

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Ultrasonic Welding Technology | Ultrasonic Welding Frequency Range | Ultrasonic Welding Applications

ac0ac 01 ultrasonic metal welding ultrasonic welding advantages Manufacturing Engineering Ultrasonic Welding Technology

Ultrasonic Welding: The human ear can hear mechanical vibrations in the frequency range of 16 Hz to 16 KHz. Inaudible frequencies below 16 Hz are known as infrasound and those between 16 KHz and 100 GHz are known as ultrasound. Frequencies above 100 GHZ are known as hyper sound. The process is “green” in that it does not use solvents,

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Bearings | Types Of Bearings | Bearings Online

0eeac 01 bearings sealed ball bearings high temperature bearings automotive bearings Bearing Bearings

BEARINGS A bearing is a machine element that constrains relative motion between moving parts to only give the desired motion. The design of bearing may be provide for free linear movement of the moving parts or free rotation around a fixed axis or it may prevent motion by controlling the vectors of normal forces that bear on the moving parts

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Engine Speed Governors | Speed Control Governor | Speed Limiters

95d20 01 speed governor all speed governor Latest Automobile Technology Speed Governors

Speed Governor The governor is a device which is used to controlling the speed of an engine based on the load requirements. Basic governors sense speed and sometimes load of a prime mover and adjust the energy source to maintain the desired level. So it’s simply mentioned as a device giving automatic control (either pressure or temperature) or limitation of

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