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Blue Motion is  a technology, which help you save fuel and money, without taking the fun out of driving.

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Blue Motion Technologies represent the cleanest, most energy-efficient cars in our range. So when you see this logo you’ll know about ways to cut your emissions and driving costs.

Efficiency starts at the very core of our cars with their engines and gear boxes. Innovative technologies such as TSI (Turbocharged Stratified Injection), TDI ( Turbocharged Direct Injection) and DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) are major contributors to driving efficiency and set a solid foundation to develop from.

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Advanced engines such as the powerful TSI and the high-torque diesel TDI, ensure outstanding fuel consumption and fewer pollutants together with pure driving pleasure. The impressive DSG Dual-Clutch gearbox offers even greater fuel economy. It has the convenience of an automatic gearbox and the agility, dynamic performance and superior consumption figures of a manual gearbox. So being efficient doesn’t have to take the fun out of driving.

Here the created modified engine management software that makes engines run even more efficiently. This also been able to reduce the engine idle speed so you emit less C02 and use less fuel. Blue Motion gearboxes have been reconfigured with longer ratios in higher gears for the most economical fuel consumption. Intelligent technology tells you when to change gear for optimum driving efficiency.

01-fuel saving cars-pollution free cars-reduce weight, reduced energy consumption, reduced drag and resistance, optimised manual transmission

The innovative start/stop system turns the engine off when you’re idling in traffic and restarts it when you’re ready to move while the recuperation mechanism uses some energy usually lost during braking and deceleration to pass additional charge to the battery. The outside of this range is equally as crafted as the inside: from the low rolling resistant tires which reduce road friction to the specifically designed aerodynamic styling, Blue Motion means less fuel consumption, lower emissions and a better driving experience.

Interior Farming | Interior Cultivation | Home Farming

This Modern Decorative blends in beautifully with any interior and does a magnificent job of recycling wasted organic matter. A part of the waste is used for cultivating and maintaining a green patch and the rest is used to produce methane.

Home / Restaurants dispose huge amount of organic waste. One part of the waste is recycled to grow food and the other part produces Methane turned into energy thanks to a co-generator. The energy obtained produces light to stimulate the growth of the plants.

The water is naturally filtered as it enters the container. This system self contained biosphere home farm system that not only allows to cultivate vegetables but also produces fresh air and light.

 01-indoor homefarmer-air purification system-indoor cultivation-fresh air and light production

 02-indoor homefarmer-air purification system-indoor cultivation-fresh air and light production

 03-indoor homefarmer-air purification system-indoor cultivation-fresh air and light production

04-indoor homefarmer-air purification system-indoor cultivation-fresh air and light production