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New Product Design Concepts and Product Development

Wind Up Battery Charger | Wind Up Mechanism | Wind Up Ideas | Green Technology | Manual Charge Control

Wind up Battery Charger The Wind up battery charger is the endless independent source of power. It is the only tool you will need to charge your mobile phone batteries, notebook batteries, GPS or any other modern gadget which is in this information-packed world essential life companion. The use of wind up battery charger is…


BioGas Production From Human Waste | Anaerobic Digestion | Anaerobic Fermentation | Methane Production | Methane Emission

Anaerobic Digestion An anaerobic digester is an air tight, oxygen-free container that is fed an organic material, such as Human Waste, animal manure or food scraps. A biological process occurs to this mixture to produce methane gas, commonly known as biogas, along with an odor-reduced effluent. Microbes break down manure into biogas and a nutrient-rich…

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Automobile Engineering

SolidWorks COSMOS Applications | COSMOS Works Aerospace Applications | COSMOS Works Automotive Applications

SolidWorks COSMOS Applications in Aerospace and Automotive Industries SolidWorks COSMOS has been used in the aerospace industry for wide ranging applications involving kinematic analysis, Finite element analysis and Fluid flow computation. Some of the Solidworks COSMOS Applications capabilities include: Shock and vibration calculations Durability and Fatigue Life Estimation Modal Analysis and Frequency response calculations Weight…

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Mechanical Engineering

SolidWorks / COSMOS Design Simulation Software | Design Validation By SolidWorks COSMOS Simulation | Engineering Design Challenges

SolidWorks / COSMOS Design Validation: Accelerate new product development Switch to alternate or cheaper material Reduce Prototyping costs Improve product quality and performance Enhance reliability SolidWorks / COSMOS Design Responding To Design Challenges: Improve complex product designs Enhanced function and performance Meet product specification and / or regulation Reduce Re-Design Design right first time Weight…

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Latest Interview Questions & Answers

Interview Questions On Steam Turbines | Interview Questions In Thermal Engineering | Interview Questions And Answers In Gas Dynamics And Jet Propulsion

Interview Questions on Steam Turbines | Interview Questions In Thermal Engineering Series of questionnaires and answers for Mechanical and chemical engineering students on thermal engineering. Heat transfer, thermodynamics, energy conversion and heat wave solutions are all about thermal engineering. Mechanical engineers and chemical engineers might have been engaged in thermal engineering. A mechanical engineer ‘s…

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Latest Interview Questions & Answers

Question And Answer For Steam Turbine | Question And Answer On Steam Boiler | Interview Questions On Steam Turbine

Question And Answer For Steam Turbine | Interview Questions in Steam Turbines Steam Turbine has been a device that derives thermal energy from the pressurized steam, which is used to carry out rotation work on a revolving drive shaft. The generator rotates and produces energy as the steam engine rotates. It is ideal for running…

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Latest Automobile Technology

Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles | Hydraulic Engines | Hydraulic Hybrid Technology | Hydraulic Hybrid System For Four Wheeler | Series And Parallel Hydraulic Hybrid Power Train

Introduction To Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles: Hydraulic Hybrid vehicles use two sources of power to drive the wheels. In a hydraulic hybrid vehicle (HHV) a regular internal combustion engine and a hydraulic motor are used to power the wheels. Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles system consist of two key components: High pressure hydraulic fluid vessels called accumulators, and…

Inductively Coupled Universal Wireless Battery Charger based on Inductive Power Transfer - powermat-iphone-4-wireless-battery-charger-wireless-charging-mat-wireless-receiver-case-new
Latest Automobile Technology

Wireless Battery Charger | Inductively Coupled Universal Battery Charger | Charging Batteries Without Wires | Inductive Power Transfer | Inductive Charging

Wireless Battery Charger based on Inductive Power Transfer In the future all electronic devices will be wireless powered. Small, battery-powered gadgets make powerful computing portable. The foundation of wireless charging is the well-known law of Faraday on induced voltage, widely used in motors and transformers. The wireless battery charger should be capable of charging the…

Quantum Tunnelling Composite for Pressure Switching and Sensing in Smart Touch Phones - 3D Tablet Touch screen force sensitive touch screen quantum tunnelling composite

Quantum Tunnelling Composite (QTC) | A Pressure Switching And Sensing Material Technology | Electro Mechanics Components

Quantum Tunnelling Composite for Pressure Switching and Sensing in Smart Touch Phones Quantum Tunnelling Composite (QTC) is a composite made from micron-sized metallic filler particles (Silicone Rubber) mixed into an elastomeric matrix. Quantum tunnelling composite is a flexible polymer that exhibits extraordinary electrical properties. In its normal state it is a perfect insulator, but when…